10 Best Tattoos for Couples That Will Make Your Relationship Last

Getting matching tattoos with your partner can be one of the most romantic things you do, but it can also be one of the riskiest things you do when it comes to keeping your relationship strong and healthy in the long run. Tattoos are permanent, after all, and they’re not exactly cheap or easy to get rid of if things don’t work out as planned. That’s why you should carefully choose your tattoos, and if you’re thinking about getting something that will last forever, keep these 10 best tattoos for couples in mind!

Idea 1: The Heart and Infinity Design

What better way to show that you’re truly in love than with a tattoo of your partner’s name on your wrist, accompanied by an infinity symbol? The infinity design is said to represent infinite and boundless love, which makes it a great choice for couples. Infinity tattoos also look fantastic when you get them together. It’s easy to get jaded about romance but if you can keep these feelings alive even after spending many years together, it shows just how strong your bond is. Get them inked on wrists so that they remind you of each other daily.

Idea 2: Wrist Tattoo for a Special Meaning

We’ve said before that tattoos are popular not only because they make you look cool, but also because they allow you to personalize your body art. If you and your significant other have matching ink, it helps create a bond between each other as well as give meaning to your bond. An interesting twist on that concept is tattooing an actual part of yourselves on each other; we’re talking about getting inked with another person’s blood! Yup—as bizarre as it sounds, some people choose to get DNA tattoos on their wrists. This means having someone else prick their finger with a needle and letting them take out just enough blood to cover a little area on your wrist.

Idea 3: Matching Neck Tattoos

When you want to permanently show your devotion to one another, nothing does it quite like matching tattoos. The body is a powerful canvas and some of its most beautiful (and meaningful) works of art reside on skin rather than paper. Neck tattoos are a way to share an intimate bond with your partner without having to worry about any prying eyes seeing them. And since it’s such a small piece of ink, they’re also relatively affordable compared to bigger tattoos that cover entire arms or legs. Before you take out your pens and sketch books, though, here are 10 couples who have perfected matching neck tattoos. Hopefully they can help get you started with your own designs!

Idea 4: Love and Cherries on the Shoulder

We’re suckers for symbolism and meaning, so a cherries on the shoulder tattoo is meaningful because it’s an expression of love. There are two ways to do a cherries on your shoulder tattoo: The first is to get one cherry on each of your shoulders; when you look in a mirror, you can see them like they’re kissing. The second is to get one cherry with two stems—one coming off each of your shoulders.

Idea 5: Seagulls and Anchors on Each Foot

This is a simple, cute tattoo that can symbolize a couple’s connection to each other. It can also symbolize your desire to grow old together and never leaving each other’s side. This is a unique way to show your love and commitment in an adorable way. In most cases, when couples get tattoos of seagulls and anchors on their feet it is accompanied by Love above or below these symbols as well as their names or initials. You might think that if you’re in a relationship with someone they will know how much you love them without having it permanently marked on your body—but being there through thick and thin (literally!) comes with its challenges.

Idea 6: An Emotional Message Under an Umbrella

This tattoo shows a heart with a mouth, eyes and nose. An umbrella also covers it. The umbrella is to protect your heart from dark clouds in life. You are saying that your love will never let you be lonely or sad and that there is someone who will always be there for you when times get tough. This tattoo can remind two people of their love, who will forever keep them protected from trouble in life.

Idea 7: Our Genes Have DNA

Our genes have DNA. Now, that doesn’t mean that our genetics are anything more than a blueprint for how we were built. But, because of some people’s desire to be different from their parents, they will undergo genetic testing and then make small modifications here and there. For example, if both parents had a certain type of eye color but one wanted brown eyes and one blue eyes, one could use gene therapy to change his or her eye color without having to depend on shades or contacts.

Idea 8: A Geometric Rose Between Two Hearts

No matter what, you and your partner will be able to reflect on your past and present with these perfectly symmetrical geometric tattoos. A hexagon forms a rose that sits in between two hearts, each with their own respective meaning. For example, one heart could represent past while another represents future. The best part? If you get sick of one side of your tattoo idea, you can always change it up. In other words, even if things get rocky down the road and one of you wants out of your relationship, tattoos don’t have to come off—you can just swap sides!

Idea 9: Simple Names with a Special Meaning

There’s something special about having your love emblazoned across your skin in permanent ink, and a tattoo that includes both of your names is an especially great way to show off your love. This idea is really simple, but it speaks volumes. Not only will you always be with each other, but you’ll also have a reminder that when things get tough, you still belong together. In addition to including both of your names in either typeface or calligraphy-style lettering, it could be even more meaningful if you include a date like when you got married (or MMXIV for those readers who are Roman Numeral fans). There are so many options!

Idea 10 : Something Special Together Forever

Show off how special your relationship is with something in common, like two rings entwined together. Let’s face it: You can’t love another person if you don’t have love for yourself. Whatever couplet (yes, that’s a word) you choose to get tattooed on yourselves, make sure it’s some variation of you and me, whether it be you + me, we are one, or even just plain old me. Go bold! Whatever phrase or symbol you decide on will tell a story about who you are as a couple and what your love means to each other. Think of something short and sweet but meaningful enough to last forever.