10 Stunning Tattoos on Black Skin That Will Make You Want to Get Inked

Black skin and tattoos don’t seem like they go together, but lots of tattoo enthusiasts have black skin and love to show it off with tattoos that are just as dazzling as those on any other type of skin. When you see how good these tattoos look on black skin, you might even want to get inked yourself! Here are 10 stunning tattoos on black skin to inspire you to get your own ink today.

1) Seamless Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoos are a tried and true classic. Their bold aesthetic is still as exciting today as it was thousands of years ago when they were first adopted by ancient civilizations across Asia, Africa, and Polynesia. Modern interpretations often have a more simplistic look but retain all of their original elegance and sophistication. If you’re thinking about getting inked with a tribal design, browse our gallery for some unique inspiration!

2) Amazingly Well-Designed Ink

Although tattoos can look amazing in any skin tone, it’s hard to deny that black ink looks especially striking on darker skin. A common theme throughout many of these tattoos is how well-balanced they are—the patterns and designs stand out without being too busy or overwhelming. Paired with minimalist elements like a small dot above an eyebrow or a solitary line running down a hip, each of these black-ink tattoos will make you want to book an appointment with your local tattoo artist immediately. Even if you don’t plan on getting one of these pieces, scroll through them and maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your next tattoo!

3) Special Golden Flashes

As we’ve covered, tattoos—especially ones that feature metallic colors like gold and silver—can require a lot of maintenance, not just for your tattoo artist but also for you. Take extra care to clean your skin before getting an inking or a piercing. If you can, soak in a warm bath and wash yourself with antibacterial soap, specifically one containing chlorhexidine (it’s much stronger than traditional soaps). If you don’t have access to it beforehand, ask your doctor if they can prescribe it post-procedure; they may be able to give you some and have it on hand before your appointment. Afterward, change your bandages as instructed.

4) Unforgettable Forearm Patterns

Forearm tattoos are one of my personal favorites, as they’re subtle yet powerful. Forearms are a super cool location for your tattoo—just ask Keke Palmer and Hailey Baldwin! While these two opted for temporary or small designs, you can take yours alllllthe way with an epic masterpiece, like Sofia Richie. If your goal is to stand out from all those basic-b*tch ankle tats we see everywhere (ugh), then try something new by getting inked up higher on your body. No matter where you go, there will always be someone who admires a dope forearm tattoo. Don’t be surprised if people start saying things like Damn girl, what’s going on under there?! I mean…what’s underneath YOUR skin?

5) Cool Outline Designs for Men

Outline tattoos are still one of our favorite types of tattoos for men. It’s easy to get an awesome, unique tattoo with a cool style when it’s outlined. There are many different styles you can choose from including tribal styles, geometric designs and more. Take a look at these 10 gorgeous outline tattoos!

6) Eye Catching Details On Black Fingers

Because fingers take up a relatively small amount of space, it’s easy for your inking to get lost in all that blank canvas. However, some tattoo artists know how to work their magic so as not to let that happen. These eye-catching details draw attention without overwhelming an entire finger. Also, don’t be surprised if you have trouble getting away from these tattoos once you look at them. They just beg for more and more attention!

7) Blending Dots, Lines and Flower Tattoos On The Thighs

Some people like their tattoos to be really subtle, and it seems like a lot of women are into ink that is placed in less obvious areas. It can make it easy for you to hide your tattoo when you don’t want everyone in your office knowing that you have one, but it can also be super hard to find a good tattoo artist who is willing to work with more private areas of your body. If you have always wanted a thigh tattoo but aren’t sure where or how exactly to get one, we have put together some stunning designs that can help inspire you. Scroll down below and check out these beautiful thigh tattoos!

8) Exceptional Half Sleeve Arm Designs For Women

An arm sleeve tattoo is a unique choice for women who want to ink up their arms with a single image or an elaborate piece. It’s less popular than full arm tattoos, but still favored by many women who have decided that half of their arms would make for one killer tattoo design. It’s quite easy to see why; an arm sleeve tattoo has that larger-than-life appeal which works perfectly in huge prints, often covering entire parts of a woman’s body. While it may not be possible for some people, a well designed and meticulously placed arm sleeve can look amazing no matter what skin color you have. On white skin they stand out as brightly as they do on darker tones.

9) Textures That Tell Stories in Beauty

Whether it’s a horizontal line down her chin, a long vertical design that runs up her neck or some sort of intricate infinity symbol inked across her arm, tattoos are always going to be beautiful. But they can get even more stunning when they’re placed on dark skin. Now, bear with me here. We aren’t saying dark-skinned people are better than light-skinned people—this isn’t about colorism at all.

10) Attractive And Colorful Patterns For Men

If you’re looking for a tattoo that screams attention but doesn’t overwhelm, consider looking into some of these colorful designs. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and patterns if you want to stand out; bold shapes are never a bad idea. And if it looks good, then wear it with pride. With tattoos or anything else, don’t let people put you down for expressing yourself; be proud of your decisions and let others follow in your footsteps. If people have nothing nice to say about what you like then those are probably not people you should be worried about anyway! Remember, there is no wrong way to express yourself! All that matters is what makes YOU happy and feel comfortable in your own skin!