7 Meaningful Tattoos for When You Feel Lost in Life

Tattoos are one of the most popular forms of body art in the world, but not everyone realizes that they can have a deeper meaning than just looking pretty or standing out from the crowd. For people who feel lost in life, getting a tattoo that reflects your inner self can be an opportunity to create something new and meaningful while expressing your true self to the world. If you’re thinking about getting inked but aren’t sure what designs will really mean something to you, take inspiration from these seven tattoos and find one that’s perfect for you!

1) Music

Music has always been there. From age to age, whether you have liked it or not, music is there and will be there. It is one of those greatest gifts that can make life a little better or a little worse. Today’s post is about meaningful tattoos that people got to help them through difficult times in their lives and remind them why they keep going no matter what challenges they face. So, if you are feeling lost and unhappy with your life now and looking for some inspiration, check out our list of 7 meaningful tattoos here below!

2) Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos can help you connect with your inner self and restore your sense of peace when life gets out of hand. Animals have a way of soothing our souls, so why not bring that feeling to your skin? Since animal prints can range from abstract doodles to realistic renditions, you’ll find something that suits you no matter what kind of tattoo art speaks to you. Also, remember that animal prints are more than just cool-looking designs; they also symbolize different aspects of our personalities and our lives. The meanings may differ depending on where you get your tattoo but here are a few examples: the wolf represents leadership, focus and perseverance; snakes signify new beginnings; and birds symbolize freedom and peace.

3) Memorial Tattoos

No matter how tough you are, there are certain things that get to us all—especially tragic and untimely deaths. Memorial tattoos can be a nice way to commemorate someone who’s passed on or remind yourself of just how precious life is. But be sure to choose your artist carefully; tattooing over an existing piece (whether it’s a previous memorial tattoo or a random piece) can cause it to look faded and blurry—which, at best, will hurt your eyes every time you see it and at worst will end up destroying an otherwise meaningful piece. In other words: Stay away from cheap parlors with poor hygiene standards!

4) Plant life and botanical patterns

A common trend among those who feel lost is a desire to reconnect with nature. For example, someone who’s having trouble finding her passion may get a flower tattoo or nature-inspired pattern. The natural connection is there regardless of whether or not you consider yourself an urban hippie. The great thing about these kinds of tattoos? They have broader appeal and are still simple enough to fit into modern looks—they don’t necessarily scream nature lover!

5) Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns can give you a sense of peace and tranquility when life seems chaotic, or like there is no way out of your problems, says Kristen Schmidt, author of How to Choose a Tattoo Design. There are plenty of designs to choose from: sacred geometry patterns, like mandalas; Maori symbols; Celtic symbols; and Eastern symbols, such as feng shui animal signs (like dragons), Chinese characters, and more. Or you can get creative with geometric shapes—try squares or triangles—and combine them with images that appeal to you. I’ve seen a lot of people lately combining geometric tattoos with animals, Schmidt says.

6) One word tattoos

Sometimes you just need a reminder to get you through a tough day. Sometimes it’s necessary to tap into your own creativity and sometimes, that one word is all you need to remember how strong you are and all that you’ve overcome. Whether it’s grace, survivor, or hope, there are lots of ways to send yourself a little message when life gets hard. Whether or not it has meaning for others is irrelevant – because these tattoos carry so much meaning and power as private reminders of who we are when we think no one else can see us.

7) Cute and meaningful phrases

Have you ever seen a phrase on someone’s body and wondered, What does that mean? Embrace your curiosity and get to know that person better. Chances are they got it because it holds special meaning, which is why you should find some inspiration and decide to get your own tattoo with a meaningful phrase. (Sure, it may not hold meaning right now, but keep an open mind!) The phrases can be anything you want—some of our favorites include: I’m all yours, Follow your dreams, Take risks, Live without regrets and Live each day like it’s your last. There are so many choices out there when you think about it!