9 Ways to Cover Your Tattoos for Your Wedding Day

When it comes to your wedding day, every detail needs to be perfect — especially if you have tattoos. Whether your tattoos are on your hands, arms, chest or anywhere else, there are plenty of ways to cover them up and make sure they don’t detract from the dress and overall look of your wedding day ensemble. Read on for nine ways to hide your tattoos so you can look picture-perfect in any type of gown — from ballgowns to bodycons. You can use them all or mix and match!

1) Do you have to hide your tattoo?

Whether you have a tattoo on your face, neck, chest or hands, there are ways to cover it up on your wedding day so that no one sees it. You don’t have to be afraid of showing off all of your hard work before you say I do. There are many options out there when it comes to choosing a concealer that matches your skin tone and has properties that make tattoos less visible. Keep reading to learn how 9 women handled their wedding-day cover ups

2) Hidden Arm Tattoo Ideas

Hide your tattoos with a long-sleeved dress and discreet arm band. Arm bands come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors so you’re sure to find one that matches your style. Just be sure not to wear it too tightly; you don’t want a permanent indentation on your skin. Another simple way to cover tattoos is with makeup, which can be done easily by even a beginner (think: understated cat eyes). Makeup also gives you added flexibility in terms of color and design as well as a blank canvas on which to paint flowers or other designs; think black eyeliner or red lipstick.

3) Hide it under a Sleeve

Sleeves are a great way to conceal your ink, as long as you’re willing to show a little skin. A fitted lace or sheer blouse will do wonders—even a flowing kimono can be easily hidden by a structured jacket. If you’re not feeling sleeve-y, try covering your arms with an over-sized sweater (we all know sleeves aren’t usually very forgiving). Get creative! There are tons of ways that you can still show off your tattoo while keeping it covered on your wedding day.

4) Wear Layers

For many of us, our tattoos are a part of who we are—they symbolize who we’ve been, who we want to be, or what we feel strongly about. And while some women may choose to flaunt their tats on their wedding day (no judgment), others will want a little extra coverage. One way you can do that is by adding multiple layers to your outfit. It’s also an easy way to hide any rips in your clothing! No matter what kind of dress you have on, you can wear a cardigan over it or simply add a sweater and blazer or jacket on top (whatever works with your attire). Keep in mind that if you’re not wearing pants, try tucking it into your socks for an even sleeker look.

5) Silhouette Only Part of the Body

If you have tattoos on more than one part of your body, but can choose to cover only one area, pick a spot that’s easy to conceal—like behind your neck or under an arm. Remember: You can always peel off and reapply a temporary tattoo. But no matter how careful you are about sticking it just right, it’s possible you’ll still have a little ink peeking out from under your sleeves. Plus, unless you have sleeves-only dresses made just for you, cover up any other visible skin so your arms don’t look bare or make everyone wonder why there aren’t sleeves on that dress. When in doubt, get yourself some long gloves.

6) Use Cosmetics to Blend in With Skin Tone

First, prepare your skin and make sure it is thoroughly clean and moisturized. Then apply a foundation that matches your skin tone as closely as possible, keeping in mind that no two skins are alike. After applying foundation (and before you blend it in), use a loose powder all over your body, not just on problem areas. This will help to set your foundation and will also help blend away any tattoos or discoloration around them. You can also use self-tanner on problem areas; that’s how I got away with hiding my son’s birthmark without being too obvious about it! Finally, add blush to your cheeks or lips if you need a little extra color.

7) Get a Temporary Scar Tattoo

Longtime fans of reality TV shows like Miami Ink and LA Ink know that a common costuming trick for actresses who have tattoos is applying temporary tattoo coverups. These often look so realistic that you can’t tell which ink belongs to whom. For example, here’s a photo from Miami Ink in which model Jo Garcia has her belly covered with a temporary tattoo. In other words, if you’re getting married and want some or all of your tattoos covered, take advantage of these tools now! Temporary scar cover-up tattoos are very easy to find on your own or through professional costumers (for instance, makeup artists). They’re also simple to apply: Once you put them on, you can’t feel them at all. And they last up to five days.

8) Arrange Wedding Events

When your tattoo is completely healed, it’s time to cover it up. If you have a color that’s similar to your skin tone, you can use cosmetics and concealers and no one will ever know you have a tattoo underneath. If it’s too bright or dark, try looking into getting custom-made fake tattoos. They may cost a little more than other types of makeup and aren’t always easy to find but they are definitely worth searching for. No matter which route you go with though, remember: Proper makeup application is key when covering up tattoos in order to maintain an airbrushed look throughout your wedding day without smudging or rubbing off on clothing.

9) Buy Off-the-rack Outfits

A bridal store might sound like a great place to buy your wedding gown, but more and more women are ditching formal stores in favor of traditional retailers. It’s likely that you have several off-the-rack outfits already in your closet that can be easily altered into wedding wear. Think about it: A department store is going to have a greater selection than a bridal boutique—and their price points are lower, too. Plus, you might even score some bonus cashmere or silk at 75 percent off!