Ankle tattoos for men

Ankle tattoos for men

Ankle tattoos for men

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  • Ankle tattoos for men are popular in both men and women and also easy to hide.
  • In men ankle tattoos remains hidden because they wear closed shoes. 
  • Ankle tattoos have deep emotional attachtment with men.
  • While getting tatto on ankle you will suffer more pain because it is a part of body which have low in fat and muscle to aborb pain.
  • Tattoos on ankle fades away more quickly because of excessive washing.
  • Ankle tattoos usually cost less as comapred to other tattoos due to small in size.
  • Ankle tattoo requires a creative design for the area to look nice.
  • As the ankle area is not flat, one has to consider the dimensions of the tattoo closely so that it will look appealing when the job is done

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While ankle tattoos are more of a popular choice among women, its quickly gaining interest of men as well because they are very easy to deal with in terms of hiding. Most of the time especially talking about men regarding ankle tattoo is that the tattoo remains unseen for long as compared to women because men usually wear closed shoes more in workplaces as well as for outdoor activities.

However, this strengthens the notion that in case of men the ankle tattoos are meant for the ones who are more close to them or for those who know them well personally. So, it can be concluded that if a man gets an ankle tattoo it’s a secret he only wants few to know about.

Pain of getting an ankle tattoo:

Whether the ankle tattoo is small or extends up to your knee as a part of a bigger leg tattoo, it comes with a lot of pain. The reason being that the area of your body around ankle has thin skin (not much fat) and there are neither enough muscles in this body area (as it is mostly comprised of bones).

So, when the needle strikes your skin during the process of tattooing, your ankle doesn’t have enough space between the skin and the bone to absorb the impact thus, hurting you more during the process. If you are opting for the a tattoo for the first time we prefer that you should better give it a thought to go for the area which hurts less as compared to the ankle tattoo.

Does ankle tattoos for men fade away?

The ankle area of the human body has thick skin which is naturally rough. Even if the foot side is not optimum for getting a tattoo as it fades away (losing the intensity of color) over the period of time due to extensive washing. Still, many people go for the ankle tattoo because of the beauty it adds to your foot.

Whether getting an ankle tattoos fir men is less costly?

Ankle tattoo will cost you the same as getting any other tattoo on your body. The thing associated with tattoos is that its cost depends upon the detail of the design you are getting as a tattoo. A simple tattoo design would cost you less and a more complex one will increase the cost of the tattoo. It is better to discuss the cost associated with the tattoo design with your tattoo artist before  so you could select the ideal tattoo for yourself remaining within your affordable price range.

Creativity required:

Having an ankle tattoo requires a creative design for the area to look nice. As the ankle area is not flat, one has to consider the dimensions of the tattoo closely so that it will look appealing when the job is done. The curvy area of the ankle makes it necessary for an artist to demonstrate his/her skills and work on an innovative design for the tattoo.

Taken this into consideration our ankle tattoo designs would be perfect for you. Just choose a tattoo idea you think would be nice for you and show it to your artist to get one like it.


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