Top 50 Best Arm tattoos for men

Top 50 Best Arm tattoos for men

Arm tattoos for men

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  • Men’s favorite part of body to get tattoo is arm tattoos on the arm is very special for them as they are very eye catching and bold.
  • Tattooing on arm is divided into two parts of arms the forearm and upper arm.
  • You will suffer with more pain while getting tattoo on upper part of arm near elbow.
  • Sportsmen love to have tattoos on their arm i.e, boxers and bodybuilders.

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Tattoos tell the story of the evolution of a person’s personality and when it comes to the discussion of tattoos, arm tattoos are the most favorite ones among the men. It’s the kind of tattoo that is especially made to catch the eyes of others around you.

Its expressive, bold and a confident move for one to get an arm tattoo. One can either get a tattoo all the way down to the wrist covering the whole area or on a portion of the arm, depending upon the philosophy behind the tattoo chosen for oneself.



Portioning of arm:

Generally the common division of the arm is done in two parts often known to the public as:

  • The forearm
  • The upper arm
  1. The forearm:

It’s the lower end of your arm extending after the joint of elbow to the wrist. Although it’s the first place after wrist about which men look to go for getting a tattoo but some may be disappointed years after just because they think that their tattoo design or getting a tattoo altogether on the forearm was a bad idea for them.

Nonetheless the tattoos on the forearm are least bothered by the dimensions of it so, the tattoo looks almost the same even after many years of getting it.



  1. The upper arm: (between the elbow and the shoulder joint)

The upper arm holds the biceps and the triceps muscle areas. While the latter two are separate parts of the arm, there are mix designs available for them and are not as such considered separate before getting an arm tattoo.

The tattoo can either cover all of the outer part as well as the inner part of the arm or one part of the both. It just simply depends upon the personal preference about the size and covering of the body area of any person.





Does it hurt the same?

Just like the rest of the tattoos it will hurt but the inner side close to the elbow in the upper arm can give you some tough time dealing with pain. This area has many major nerve endings of the human body and getting a tattoo in this area will give you a sense as if your whole arm is being tattooed at once. So, if you are not good at tolerating pain we better suggest you don’t go for a tattoo in this area.





Preferred existence: 

Many young men, bikers and bodybuilders who like to flex their arms decide for the arm tattoos. By and large many athletes from the world of football, cricket, wrestling, basketball, boxing, swimming, drag racing, baseball and many more get arm tattoos to express their persona as well. There is a lot of space and curves for the artist to work on your arm so, the designs one can get for an arm tattoo are limitlessly creative ones, just like an arm tattoo having that 3D effect to look cool when you wear those sleeveless shirts at the gym.

We have gathered some uncommon arm tattoo design for you to choose from, have a look!