Aztec Tattoos For Men

Aztec Tattoos For Men

Aztec Tattoos For Men

The art of staining your body with variety of inks or dyes has become a general idea among the people. Everyone wants their Tattoos for men to be unique in some way. For this reason people go through a magnificent selection of tattoos to find out the best one. We are going to discuss with you one of those extra-ordinary designs which some of you people may know and that is Aztec tattoos.

Who were the Aztecs? How the Aztec tattoos start to ink out? What types of Aztec tattoo are in nowadays? We will discuss these few main points in this article.

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The Aztecs are known as the invaders of Mesoamerica. The information about their origin is not very much authentic but it is believed that they were a nomadic tribe, who came from northern Mexico, around 13th century. They are considered as one of the last great native American civilization.


You may amazed by knowing the fact that Aztecs used the language of symbols to communicate and spread the knowledge. They did so because they had no concept of writing script. That is why they created a large number of symbols so they could easily preserve and transmit the information to next generations. They drew several drawings and pictograms for this purpose. They also stuck those symbols to the walls of their temples, houses and other buildings as well. This helped them to learn the meanings of those symbols easily. All these activities and efforts of learning showed that they were artistic in nature. Not only that but they also had a little bit concept of tattooing with specific meanings for some events.

It is believed that the Aztec priests were used to paint their body when there was a religious ceremony and also the warriors painted themselves before going for a war to highlight the different ranks among them.


The meanings of those Aztec symbols used for tattoo are very impactful that you will surely find yourself keen of having an Aztec tattoo atleast once. Most of the symbols of Aztec tattoos are related to their Gods in whom they believe. So from this perspective the Aztec tattoos have meaning of power, nature and energies. When a man gets a tattoo of an Aztec design on his body, it becomes a symbol of protection and strength which is generally associated to the man’s status in our society. There are various other designs mainly of certain creatures i.e. animals but the general meaning we may associate with those designs is of power and prestige.


When you search for Aztec tattoo designs, you will find a magnificent range of symbols for your desired tattoo. The variations in design are available at large. For this reason it has become one of the most popular tattoo designs among men. Few of those really amazing and sophisticated designs are described here.


People relate different stories to the origin of Aztec sun tattoos. Majority believed in the tale that Aztecs have many Sun Gods having different names and era of rulership. There are different ways to get an appealing sun tattoo. You may tattoo the Sun in its real design without adding any accessories or you may get the Sun God tattoo which is applicable in different forms. One more method to apply the Sun tattoo is in calendar form. This design includes different images for each month with the sketches of every Sun God. As the Sun is the symbol of life and light so, getting a sun tattoo represents your characters of leadership.


Aztec warriors have always been the most popular designs among men after the Sun God tattoos. For their symbolic representation they are well known among those men tied with heavy duties to perform. These Aztec warrior tattoos are either paired with eagle or jaguars which represent status or ranking of warriors in their community. Sometimes the Aztec design of warrior or Huitzilopochtli is also preferred by men. It consists of a man’s face, with his tongue sticking out showing anger.


A bird with a symbol of strength and courage is famous for Aztec warrior tattoos. Men keeping an eye on big targets may like to get eagle tattoos.


The fast and brave jaguars are also the perfect tattoo for warriors. It gives power to the warriors to fight with new energy.


It was the belief of Aztecs that this horrifying creature is the innovator of this earth. It means that the earth came into existence from the body of this giant animal. If we go deep to the meaning of this crocodile tattoo, we will find an interesting meaning. The crocodile tattoos are symbolic for creating new things. Men with a desire to beat the world and create something new with his name may go with the Aztec tattoos of crocodiles.


The tattoos of skull and owl are taken as signs of death by the Aztecs. For today, owl is symbolic for wisdom but for the Aztecs it was a bad omen. Although the same idea of death is linked with skull tattoos but they are very common among men rather than owl tattoos.


It might look different from all other tattoo designs mentioned above and yes it is unique in its way. It is the symbol of learning, creativity and fertility. This serpent tattoo with feathers on its back will surely not go wrong for the men who want to do something in contrast to the tradition in the field they owned.


Majority of the Aztec tattoos require large skin area to ink out. It mainly includes the Sun God tattoo, the calendar tattoo, the warrior tattoo and the crocodile tattoo which mostly need your back or front chest part. But if you want to put your Aztec tattoos on shoulders, biceps, legs or hands you have other designs to choose. You may also add numerous colors to your Aztec tattoos or leave them in the shade of black.