Back tattoos for men

Back tattoos for men

Back tattoos for men

What you will read in this post
  • A person should consider before getting tattoos for men in back or largest part of body.
  • Tips for how to take care of fresh tattoo you just get on your back.
  • Back tattoo will cost more than any other tattoo design on your body because of largest part of human body.
  • Despite of being costly it will hurt you less.

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Consider this before getting tattoo on your back.

Before getting a tattoo a person should always consider the right body area for a specific tattoo. The largest area of human body for getting a tattoo is our back. A full fledge back tattoo covering the whole area could take more than 20 hours to make.

keeping its design, complexity, colors and size under observation. Sometimes back tattoos could be so much complex that they may require several sessions for the tattoo to complete.

So, if you go to a gym and have worked hard for the shape of your back you would probably consider at least one time in your life to go for a back tattoo.

Tips to take care of back tattoo.

After getting a tattoo you must take care of that area especially in the case of a back tattoo. Some may consult their tattoo artist for that but following are the general tips one should consider in order to protect the fresh tattoo design you just got:

  • Do not remove the bandage by yourself.
  • Always follow the guidance of your tattoo artist before removing it as some bandages are removed after several hours of getting a tattoo depending upon the tattoo design.
  • Don’t shower straight away after getting a back tattoo.
  • Even if you had to shower, take it after at least 2 hours of getting the tattoo and don’t shower for more than 5 to 10 minutes. But it’s advised not to take a shower for the next 24 hours.
  • Use mild soap for cleaning the area of the tattoo.
  • Hard soaps will make your skin rough and the tattoo will heal slower.
  • Use soft towel to dry the area after washing with gentle taps.
  • Do not rub the towel to dry as it will again make your skin rough along with increasing the likelihood of that tattoo to lose its color intensity.
  • Apply creams that are antibiotic on the tattoo area to get rid of those germs or bacteria with soft hands.
  • As soon as the skin area bearing the tattoo will start to heal you will feel an urge to scratch it.
  • To get this itch out of the equation you can apply moisturizing creams or lotions to the affected area.
  • Keep your tattoo out of the impact of direct sunlight, 
  • avoid work for a week that may cause sweat to come over your tattoo and don’t go for swimming for a period of 3 weeks.

Cost of  getting tattoo on your back?

The price of the back tattoo depends upon the size, complexity and design of the tattoo. Price may also vary from artist to artist keeping their skill and popularity.

Pain factor:

Back tattoos usually hurt less as compared to other tattoos and are considered among the least painful tattoos.

Design of choice:

As there is a lot of area for your artist to work for a back tattoo, almost any kind of design could be selected for the purpose and we have put together some astonishing ideas for your back tattoo to choose from.


artistic back tattoo

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black and grey back tattoo

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skull tattoo on back

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back tattoo for men

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lion on back tattoo

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hindu sign back tattoo

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