Bicep tattoos for men

Bicep tattoos for men

Bicep tattoos for men

When it comes to masculinity of men the only one thing that comes first in their mind are Biceps tattoos-for-men. Biceps are such a special muscle for men and they love to make them bigger. Some train their arms especially biceps more than 2 times a week to get that perfect round shape. For such a place the tattoo design should also be special. It’s not only a matter of choice with bicep tattoo but how one feels about getting it. Men get tattoos more often than women and biceps tattoos are mainly popular among them. Men think that women are more attracted towards guys having tattoos but it’s not a universal truth. However getting a cool tattoo surely increases your self-confidence especially among men and due to this reason men love getting those bicep tattoos even more.

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Working out after getting a bicep tattoo:

While some gym going fitness freaks more often don’t skip their routine exercise plans but if they wish to get a biceps tattoo, it’s advised that they should better stay away from exercise. During exercise the skin can be stretched or sweat may come over your biceps which is not good for your new tattoo. Normal growing muscle does not have a noticeable effect on your bicep tattoo but a rapid growth or reduction in your muscle will alter the shape of your bicep tattoo.

So, what one should opt for after getting a biceps tattoo is to skip arms exercise for a week or more and focus on your lower body exercises keeping in mind that your biceps tattoo remains dry and clear of sweat.


Tattoos are always painful because of the constant piercing needle used to ink the tattoo in the dermis layer of your skin. Luckily you don’t need to worry about that, as bicep tattoo don’t hurt that much. However the inner side of the biceps hurts a little more than the outer side while getting a tattoo but still, it’s pretty much tolerable.

Protected from sun:

Unlike other forearm and arm tattoos for men the bicep tattoos get less exposure to direct sun light until and unless they are flexed more often. It’s a good thing for the bicep tattoo to remain hidden as when any tattoo gets direct sunlight for a long period of time the ink starts to fade away especially in the case of a newly got tattoo. Moreover mostly men wear half sleeve or full sleeves shirts which protects the bicep tattoo even more from the damage of direct sunlight.


Nowadays everybody wants a tattoo that is unique and the concept of custom made tattoos is on the rise. Men get Bicep tattoos with keeping this exact notion in their mind. A body builder will get a different design and a biker would want to show his love for motorbikes through his bicep tattoo and the list goes on.

Overviewing this we have gathered some unique bicep tattoo designs for everyone in our collection, have a look.


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