Who says that only bright and vibrant colors are reflection of one’s aesthetic nature? No doubt the world is full of multi colors and each color is peculiar in its way. But the beauty lies in a combo of black and white Tattoos for men has no match. Today we all see people tattooing their skin with colorful designs to make their look a bit distinctive and appealing. Although these colorful tattoos distinguished them in a crowd but the classic look that the black and white colored tattoo add to your personality has other level of beauty and prestige.

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We all know that the black color never go out of trend, either we talk about clothing or other kind of theme. This same case happens when we talk about the tattoos. The black and white theme tattoos always provide you a modern look and never go wrong with your outfit. It doesn’t matter what color, design or style is in fashion for the tattoos, you may apply any kind of tattoo art with black and white ink.

When someone wants to give his tattoo a traditional look, he will choose black and white tattoo most of the time. They are also the most appropriate choice when it comes to purity and simplicity. This monochromatic theme of tattoo art is still in practice and highly admired by the folks.


Usually white ink is not used alone as it does not make the tattoo prominent enough. But when an artist adds white ink to a black ink design it adds much more beauty to the tattoo. Separately white ink is not visible so it will make no sense of using only white ink for your tattoo but it does not mean that white ink has no importance for tattoo art. Because when it is applied to a black ink tattoo it is able to transform the single black color tattoo into a perfect piece of art. The effect that white ink gives to the black monochrome tattoo makes the tattoo iconic.


Tattoos always depict some meaning or purpose of wearing it. Sometimes the symbol either figurative or alphabetic reflects the meaning itself or sometimes it has different meaning than its appearance which is explained by its wearer. Some tattoos illustrate the views of an individual about life and the material world while others show their affection towards their loved ones. Some have hidden meaning while few are just for the purpose of decorating the body part. Some designs show one’s belief and faith or some are for their motivation to prosper in their fields. All these meanings also depend on the inks or dyes which have been used for them. But black and white inks can be used for any symbol or any sort of tattoo art. They never conceal or putdown the original meaning of tattoo. This is another benefit of applying a black and white tattoo.


Here an interesting fact is that no specific symbols or designs are associated with the theme of black and white ink for tattoo. So you are free to select your own design whatever you consider right for your personality or purpose you want and then ink them out in black and white color. It is indeed the simplest and easiest way of all to get the desired tattoo.

We shared few ideas for designs to guide you how to make a selection between the available varieties of tattoo art to get the perfect black and white tattoo.

Butterflies are the smallest yet most colorful insect. Certainly you have seen many of the brightly colored butterflies, but to look beautiful it is not necessary for a butterfly to be multicolored. You can make a tattoo of butterfly with black base having white lines and spots in it. This will give you a gorgeous butterfly tattoo.

To apply a black and white tattoo you may go with some flowers. But keep in mind not all flowers will look good with this theme. You can make a choice between rose and lotus flowers. These two will be the most relevant and applicable of all.

To keep your tattoo simple but elegant, you have a very sophisticated design of stars. You may draw a theme of night sky full of stars or shooting stars. The theme of black and white could not be more perfect for any tattoo design than for the stars.

Mountains would always have been a symbol of altitude. This tattoo design is for those who want to climb up despite of all the obstacles coming their way. And using black and white inks you may have an imaginative mountainous tattoo.

There are diverse types of cartoon characters or superheroes which can also be inked out with black and white dye. It will also give you satisfaction for getting the favorite tattoo and do not appear as childish approach. Harry Potter, Super man and Spider man fans will certainly like this way.

The black birds, such as bats and crows can also be applied as tattoo. The meanings of these birds symbol vary from region to region. They either symbolize secret and magic or sometimes consider as a sign of ill fortune and bad luck. It depends on the wearer what he considers it for.

For cat lovers, a black and white ink tattoo of cat will be an amazing idea. You won’t disagree if we say that this combination of ink is the only good choice for a cute cat tattoo look.

Fighter men usually choose the arrow shaped tattoo to reflect their fighting spirit. It is delicately designed on their shoulders or hands and using the black and white ink, it can be tattooed in a very fine way.

Men mostly want to express their courage and strength with a tattoo of lion’s or tiger’s face tattoo. And when they are applied with black and white color combination it looks more classic.

Two snakes twisting around each other, one with black ink and the other in white is a very beautiful application of black and white tattoo.

You may also search out any specific trending or traditional style of tattoo which relates yourself. Because almost all types and designs of tattoo can be possibly inked out with black and white ink.