Chest tattoos for men

Chest tattoos for men

Chest tattoos for men

Chest tattoos for men are “The tattoos that defines masculinity” for men. Chest tattoos are bold and sometimes cover the entire chest area of men. Chest tattoos are most loved among men. In fact chest is among the most heavily tattooed area among men and women also because of the large space available for the tattoo artist to work for. The chest area is easy to work on for a tattoo artist and many types and kinds of tattoos having astonishing design could be incorporated on the chest area of our body, which can be further categorized as rib tattoos upper chest tattoos and many more.

Men with good physique enjoy chest tattoos even more as it increases their confidence of looking more attractive.

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Areas that hurt:

Chest tattoos do not hurt much but in some areas like the tattoos on your rib cage and sternum. The skin of our chest is thick as compared to other body parts and there are a lot of muscles present in the area as well due to which getting a chest tattoo is a less painful process. However, if you are looking to get a tattoo near or on your nipple it would hurt a lot more. The nipples have thin and delicate skin and sensitive nerves making it a very painful process for one to get a tattoo on or around your nipples.

Just be relax, take a deep breath and practice calmness while being tattooed and you will be fine.

How long does it take to get a chest tattoo?

The time a chest tattoo can take to be completed simply relies upon the design chosen, color of the tattoo ink, size of the tattoo, fast working ability of the tattoo giving artist and your ability to tolerate pain. Usually chest tattoo are large in size and may take up to 6 hours or more for the artist to complete it.

Taking care of the chest tattoo:

24 hours before going to the artist to get a tattoo one should stop taking alcohol, aspirin or any other medication that makes your blood thin so that you would not bleed more while the process of being tattooed.

 After getting the chest tattoo apply antibiotic ointments or creams on the tattoo area more than 2 times a day to get rid of the swelling and harmful bacteria or germs. Wash the tattoo with mild soap and water. Pat the tattoo dry using soft cloth and after that apply moisturizing cream or lotion to get rid of that urge to itch.

Avoid swimming a going into water for a matter of weeks and keep your tattoo away from sunlight as well.




Chest designs could sometimes be very complex and big. It may even require many session for the tattoo to be completed. With such a large area there are numerous ways a man can get a custom made design tattoo for himself. We have put together some designs for you to select out the best option for your chest tattoos.