Top 50 Cool Cross tattoos for men

Top 50 Cool Cross tattoos for men


Cross tattoos are one of the most familiar designs for tattoo among folks since many years. The reason of cross tattoo for being traditional over the years is about the meaning it possesses. People around the globe consider cross a sacred symbol that can only be linked to pious humans. This typically conventional meaning would have to remain the same for years to come because the history says so. However the likings for this symbol can still be witnessed in majority out there.

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Despite of being a foremost tattoo art, the value of cross tattoo is yet resonating in different cultures.

Here we have accommodated miscellaneous themes of cross tattoo to depict the cultural diversity of this divine symbol and how one can apply the ink for Cross tattoo to get his righteous meaning along with beautiful appeal.


Ideas of Cross Tattoos for Men


Christianity and Cross

The incident of crucifixion of Jesus is the most significant one in the history of Christianity. This Biblical version played a vital role in the fame of Cross tattoos for men in initial days and up till now the idea has been strengthened more. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the sake of mankind pave the way in the historic prestige of Cross. Since then cross has been regarded as a symbol of spirituality and self-sacrifice.

For men with firm beliefs cross tattoo is an ideal artwork to have on their skin. It helps in reminding you the divine cause and real worth of your life. To make your religious cross tattoo somehow contemplate, it is great to incorporate Bible verses in your cross making it an exquisite art-piece.


Jesus Cross Tattoo

The connotations of Cross tattoo are obvious but the ways of having a cross tattoo are unlimited. The great one of all those is a Cross tattoos for men design picturing Jesus with it who is the embodiment of philanthropy and selflessness. It demonstrates the essence of your benevolent and generous nature. This design is one of a kind in the series of cross tattoos and also an explicit way to represent your spiritual side.


Celtic/Irish Cross

The Celtic cross tattoo is the most complicated among all ideas for cross tattoo yet the most outstanding one. The cross entangled with twisted loops and knots makes the Celtic cross distinguishable from others. It reflects the Celtic culture and Christian faith both at same time. For being an intricate art the Celtic cross is highly popular among men. The involvement of loops and knots is to elaborate the cycle of life and fastening a bridge between physical and spiritual life. For making the convolutions bold, Celtic cross tattoo is usually done with dark shades of black, gold or green. These dynamic colors mark the features of Celtic cross to be more dominating.


Maltese Cross Tattoo

The story behind Maltese cross dates back to hundreds of years ago. Knight of St. John was a band of Crusaders who fought against Saracens for possession of their holy land. The Maltese cross is affiliated with this band as an interpretation of courage and sacrifice. In current scenario this cross is often used as a badge of honor for civil servants such as policemen, army or firefighters. At multiple forums the Maltese cross is being regarded as a testimonial to the services of these heroic persons who lay down their lives for others.

The design of Maltese cross is exceptional in contrast to other ideas. It does not come in typical letter-T shape cross rather it has all its four dimensions equal more likely to V-shape. As a sign of bravery and selflessness Maltese cross is best to adopt in solid black-white or black-red ink.


Egyptian Ankh (Cross)

To frame the structure of Egyptian cross tattoo the best description is that it is a combination of masculine and feminine symbols. The design of Egyptian cross actually contains representation of both Mars and Venus signs. One can call it a perfect couple tattoo for the reason. The upper bar of Egyptian cross is basically a loop formation resulting more likely in the shape of an ‘Eye’ (ankh). This particular appearance led the name of Egyptian cross as ‘Egyptian Ankh’. Also this symbol had rich use in Egyptian culture so one having Egyptian heritage prefers this Cross for a tattoo. In Egyptian culture this ‘ankh’ was often used as a narrative of ‘Life’.

Above are all the cultural themes of cross tattoos for staying classic in body art but one may go with some other ideas to not follow the tradition in cross tattoos.


Simple Cross Tattoo

If you are more into keeping your cross tattoo simple you can. Fine lines and black ink is the way to get your simple yet elegant cross tattoo. For having a simple cross tattoo you may go with two different styles.

  • 3D Cross and
  • Tri-Cross

3D style is applicable for all tattoos to make them noticeable among others. The slightly elevated design enhances the beauty of cross tattoo.

A three-cross tattoo art has a religious background in Catholic community here we won’t go in details. This type particularly looks cool on small spaces.


Cross and Rose

Integrating a rose in cross is the best idea to get a flawless cross tattoo. In many cultures, rose is to represent the purity of soul but it may also talk about darkness if blend with a Gothic theme. So it solely depends on the bearer with what meaning he wants to get his cross tattoo.

Flowers other than rose can be incorporated in cross to beautify your design.


Wings and Cross Tattoo

When one involves wings in his cross tattoo it depicts different meanings. As wings are mostly related to angels so it’s like to remembering death or the spirit of your loved one passed away. The wings are also a sign of freedom and sovereignty.

For a wing-cross tattoo the side bars of cross are replaced with wings to personalize the design.


Heart with Cross

For a long time cross and heart have been paralleled when it comes to inking a broken-heart tattoo. A heart tattoo doesn’t always mean for a passionate lover but it can relate to the endurance of someone in his love-life. Here the tattoo depicts that even though the ‘heart’ has been suffering but ‘cross’ is the faith that one day everything is going to be healed.


Ideal Placements of Cross Tattoo

  • If you’re interested in traditional mainstream cross tattoo then it will require large spaces to get inked such as chest, back or biceps.


  • For minimal cross tattoos wrist, fingers, neck or ankle are perfect parts.


We have discussed here multiple variations for cross tattoo to let you end up with unique ideas.


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