DRAGON TATTOOS FOR MEN | Mysterious & Spiritual

DRAGON TATTOOS FOR MEN | Mysterious & Spiritual


Dragon, one of the well-known and magnificent mythical creatures is also a popular choice for men tattoos. Though they do not exist in real now but always got the attention of humankind. Even we have a fiction movie on cloned dragons named Jurassic Park and we all know how much fame it got.

Dragon tattoos can simply make you stand out from the crowd. If you want something both innovative and influencing then you can opt for Dragon tattoos. There are multiple ways you can do this tattoo and without any embellishments, this tattoo will look super cool and aesthetically pleasing.

Also, there are versatiledesigns your artist can create with this Dragon Tattoo and can make your tattoo unique and outstanding.


Meanings Associated

Dragons have different concepts and interpret different meanings with respect to culture. Some thought it gives the wearer power and strength to cope with the challenges while others believe that it can bring bad luck.

Everyone has its own perspective to view things so we can’t get into a debate here. But if you just want to get a tattoo that looks bold and beautiful then you must consider this idea of a Dragon tattoo.

  • Power
  • Strength
  • Fierce
  • Mysterious
  • Warriorship
  • Protective
  • Spiritual

These are the meanings one can expect to showcase with his Dragon Tattoo.


Dragon Tattoo Ideas

A tattooist can create multiple designs in dragon tattoo because its versatility and features provide you with endless designs to get tattooed.

Here we have shared the most popular and charming designs you may consider or like for your own.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Japanese have a positive approach to dragon tattoos. The dragons even have different names and identities in their culture. The traditional design of the Japanese Dragon Tattoo is full of bright hues and let you love your tattoo.

If you love all colors of nature, this tattoo is for you.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

This tattoo manifests a variety of meanings and has a distinct look than a conventional dragon tattoo. The body of the Chinese Dragon is more like a snake, thin, long, and scaly. The reason it is drawn in wavy style is that it has a strong interpretation of water waves, storms, and seas and so beautifully adorn your arm-curves or calf.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Want a signature tattoo design? Here you go! Nothing could enhance your dragon tattoo than what tribal art can do with it. Tribal designs have already been famous and in dragon look super-gorgeous and breathtaking.

You can’t resist the beauty of its deep dark black ink.

Fire-breathing Dragon Tattoo

In European culture, we know Dragons as fire-breathing creatures and are quite famous for it. We also find several fiction movies and cartoons featuring this kind of dragon. Destruction and uncontrollable forces are the meanings associated with this type. Keep in mind, it requires great expertise so, make sure you have got a tattoo expert otherwise this adventure will be more regretful.

Colorful Dragon Tattoo

If you want subtle ink we have got something very interesting and enchanting for you. This colorful dragon tattoo will not let you get bored of seeing it every time. Also, variations are available in different colors such as black, green, blue, red, or gold.

Go with your favorite one!

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo

A dragon sleeve is incredibly a masterpiece if it had done well. A full-sleeve tattoo takes time so it will demand patience and commitment. A fierce dragon curling around your sleeve makes a bold statement and seeks attention easily.

Winged Dragon Tattoo

This winged dragon is a popular choice for full-back and chest tattoo. It makes your dragon looking spiritual and protective. A combination of black, grey, and blue ink will make it an art piece and knock out the rest.

Realistic Dragon Tattoo

To create a real-life dragon tattoo needs great skills so, make sure you have approached an expert tattooist. It can be a fire-breathing dragon, winged dragon, or a fierce one, all will look amazing if the artist has perfectly given it the ink of life and mobility.

Small Dragon Tattoo

Dragons or small? Is it really so? Yes, these small dragons can look more attractive, elegant, and winsome if created in a couple or circle of 3-4. Your neck or wrist is the best choice for small dragons and can easily be hidden under clothes. It perfectly works for a cool guy look.

Dragon Eye Tattoo

Are you inspired by the ferocious and merciless facial features of a dragon? Dragon eye is the most-loved part to get the tattoo ink. It is one of the recognizable features and looks dramatic when tattooed with solid color ink.

Your forearm can just be the right place to beautify with this Dragon eye tattoo.

Animated Dragon Tattoo

For teenage guys, an animated dragon is an ideal tattoo to get the ink for. It can be small or large, fierce, or cute with lots of colors in it. If you are inspired by that amazing cartoon ‘Dragon Tales’ then your tattoo can be an awe-inspiring and timeless idea for others to start with a unique style dragon tattoo. It elucidates that you believe in magical places and has love more than fear for this distinct specie.

Floral Dragon Tattoo

This idea is been taken from Japanese culture where different flowers interpret different meanings and can give your tattoo more attractive appeal. Black ink dragon tattoo surrounded with soft, cool, and vibrant colors can make your tattoo classic and elegant.


Does Tattoo Hurt?

How To Deal With The Tattoo Pain?

Tattoos always hurt only the level of pain can be different for each person and it depends on different factors.

  • Size and style of your tattoo
  • The place you are getting the tattoo
  • Your pain threshold
  • The technique used

You can follow a few tips to reduce the tattoo pain:

  • Select the body part with low sensitivity
  • Always get a tattoo when you are in good health
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid weight gain or loss after tattooing
  • Have a good rest
  • Be careful on your routine diet
  • Ask the tattooist to recommend you a numbing cream