ear tattoos for men

ear tattoos for men

Ear tattoos for men

Ear tattoos are mostly underrated by men. One may find the notion of getting an ear tattoo weird but actually it really does proves to be elegant for your ears. Ear tattoos are delicate, simple and small pieces of art you can get to beautify your ears. Ear tattoos are gaining popularity among men and the constantly evolving new designs will help the matter as well in the days to come.

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Pain experience:

Ear tattoos are painful. The tattoos on the ear are always small due to the size of the tattoo thus, making the process of getting tattooed short. As a result the pain you will feel will be for a short period of time. Ears are a sensitive part of our body and getting a tattoo on ears may result in jaw locking or ear pain later after getting that tattoo. If you are afraid of the pain and not sure how your new ear tattoo will look like, try to get a non-permanent tattoo first before coming to the decision of having a permanent one. 

The tattoos behind the ears even hurt more but the pain tolerating period as mentioned earlier is short so you won’t be feeling pain for long and you will go through it just fine.

Does an ear tattoo fade away over time?

Just like any other tattoo the ear tattoo will react the same to the conditions as of a normal tattoo goes through and will not fade away more over time. However, the tattoo behind the ears will fade away more easily and rapidly losing its color intensity and ink because this area does not have the tendency to absorb ink better. Moreover, the usage of shampoos (having different chemicals also react with the tattoo) and cell phones (to attend long calls) speeds up the process of fading for the tattoo behind the ears.

The healing process:

Like every other tattoo, ear tattoo should also be taken care of after getting one. Usually the ear tattoo area heals within a period of 2 to 4 weeks. During this period you should be very careful about your tattoo so that it is healed properly.

Why get an ear Tattoo?

Women mostly use earrings for the decoration of their ear. Men also use earrings but they are more popular among women only.

So, instead of piercing their ear and buying different earrings men opt to get the ear tattoo for the purpose of making their ear attractive. Even a small detail in the ear tattoo can really change the look of your ears. 

Ear tattoo ideas:

Since ears are a small area for getting a tattoo the tattoo designs could contains wires in a loop, name of a loved one or of something important and like any other tattoo a custom made unique design can be incorporated as well. Such designs require expert opinion as well and for that our site contains attractive ear tattoo designs for you. Go through our designs to get a clearer picture of what you want.

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