Top 50 Elephant Tattoos For Men | Wisdom and intelligence

Top 50 Elephant Tattoos For Men | Wisdom and intelligence


Isn’t this creature deserves to be loved? Though elephants are among the giant wilds yet they are peaceful and calm. Therefore, for these traits of calm and friendly nature, we have given them a nick ‘gentle giant’.

Their characteristic features such as a long trunk, strong tusks, and sometimes gloomy eyes make them a perfect choice for body tattoo art. Their history is also quite interesting but here we won’t go into detail discussion over this because we have extracted a number of ideas for elephant tattoos that we want to share with you. In this blog, you will discover the best combo of aesthetics and sophistication with our mindboggling elephant tattoo designs.


Meanings Associated

Elephants are strong animals both physically and mentally. In general, the elephant tattoo interprets:

  • Wisdom and intelligence
  • Peace
  • Dignity
  • Power and strength
  • Strong family bonds
  • Prosperity
  • Good luck
  • Loyalty
  • Good memories

In Hinduism, they also have a spiritual significance. Moreover, elephants were also domesticated for rulers and kings to express power, royalty, and used in wars also.


Elephant Tattoo Ideas

Though it is the largest mammal on the earth, you can ink out in a variety of ways from big tattoos on back to small ones on your wrist. And an interesting fact is that elephants provide you with a versatile range of ideas that your elephant tattoo will be difficult to have a match with another one.

Here we start!

Mandala Elephant Tattoo:

Do you have a love for Mandala designs? Elephant tattoos can’t be elaborative enough than they could be in mandala designs. They depict more powerful and strong traits and also represent you as a spiritual and peace-seeking soul.

Simple Elephant Tattoo:

Want a simple, black ink to adorn your neck or wrist? We have a simple yet beautiful design in elephant tattoo that looks pretty enough on a masculine hand or neck. This could be as small as you like and seems cute on young guys.

Tribal Elephant Tattoo:

Tribal tattoo art always has men’s hearts. These intricate designs indulging unique and complicated patterns show how deeply you understand the true meaning of your tattoo. If you also got a unique taste this tribal elephant is the one for you.

Indian Elephant Tattoo:

As we discussed, elephants have both royal and spiritual significance in Eastern culture. Indians have huge respect for elephants in their religion and a few centuries back it was a tradition for the kings roaming on the roads with their caravan including many elephants. Referring to this, you can ask the tattooist to decorate your elephant tattoo making it stand out in the crowd.

Realistic Elephant Tattoo:

To ink out something closer than reality makes you feel your tattoo more deeply. And it also becomes very stunning and impressive for the audience. If your artist has done it well, it would certainly be an inspiration for others to get tattooed. A touch of natural or real existence will bring life to your tattoo.

Watercolor Elephant Tattoo:

Who says only gray and black ink suits for elephant tattoo? You can have a striking, bold elephant tattoo with vibrant watercolors. The artist needs to select the hues wisely and you are all set to catch everyone’s attention with a colorful, abstract elephant tattoo. The splashes in the backside make it more dominant and artsy.

African Wild Elephant Tattoo:

Africa, the home to more than thousands of elephants can be used as a background theme to elaborate your elephant tattoo. Elephants are found in different habitats such as Savannah, forest, grassland, desert, and highland. So, you can use any of these habitat elements occupying an elephant in the center and have a unique style tattoo.

Mother and Baby Elephant Tattoo

It might sound odd for guys to have a mother and baby elephant tattoo but it works beautifully if you want to express your affection to your partner and new baby. In elephants, it’s the mother who keeps the herd together and takes care of growing baby elephants while males after the age of 1415 years leave the herd and start living independently. So, this tattoo is also a symbolic tribute to the role of females in making strong family ties and upbringing the children.

Old School Elephant Head Tattoo:

This classic, traditional, old-school tattoo is a popular choice in elephant tattoo designs. It can be illustrative as much as you want. You can either add flowers in it, ask for a dot work, or making it a badass tattoo with furious and aggressive expressions.



Body Placement For Elephant Tattoo

Likewise ideas, elephant tattoos can be embraced on different body parts and obviously depends on what size of the design you have chosen for yourself.

Hand Tattoo:

Getting an elephant tattoo on hand? Sounds strange! But will definitely look aesthetically pleasing in black ink. Remember it will be more painful than other parts but if you want it you will get it. The head on your hand with the trunk moving into your middle finger is simply outstanding and is a masterpiece.

Thigh Tattoo:

If you have got a low pain threshold then the thigh is the best choice for a tattoo. Also, its shape provides enough space for a full elephant profile or a regal elephant emerging from blinding murkiness.

Shoulder/Bicep Tattoo

If you want a tattoo that is easy to hide and show off when you need it, then the upper arm is the perfect place. A front-facing elephant head is easy to sketch and can be easily covered with long sleeves clothing.

Back Tattoo

To create a forest landscape of elephants in a herd or a single elephant running furiously, your back is the best choice to go with. Details will make it more incredible and prominent. For large tattoos, your back is an ideal canvas.


Tips To Consider After Receiving Tattoo Ink

  • The artist often applies an ointment over the tattoo and covers it to protect from friction against the clothes. Don’t remove it quickly and let the ink dry.
  • Wash the tattooed part gently with fragrance-free soap.
  • Do not wear tight clothes over the tattooed skin.
  • Avoid excessive weight loss or gain as it will make the tattoo stretched along with skin and result in distortion.
  • Make sure that the tattoo area remains clean. You can also apply a moisturizer.