face tattoos for men

face tattoos for men

face tattoos for men

The most interesting tattoos for men we will be discussing with you now are the facial or face tattoos. Face tattoos can be comprised of many different designs covering either one half side of the face, a cheek, forehead, chin or the whole face of the bearer. Face tattoos are considered as a taboo in some parts of the world. Many countries have even put a ban on artists so that people could not get the face tattoo. In some parts of the world it’s also difficult to travel and get visa just because of a face tattoo. Among many communities facial tattoos do not enjoy a good reputation and are socially not acceptable. Many people consider facial tattoos as a sign of rebel. In the world of body art facial tattoos are considered to be extremely out law.

Facial tattoos give you all the feelings of becoming a bad boy but its liberating at the same time. But many people don’t understand that getting a facial tattoo is not rebellious or it does not change you as a person. Face tattoos should be treated like any other tattoo on your body.

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Pain related:

A tattoo always comes with pain, more or less is a different story. Just like any other tattoo the facial tattoo hurts more or less according to the nature of that body area. If you are getting a facial tattoo on your chin, nose, temple, forehead and on the cheek bone, the chances are that you will be experiencing less pain rather than going for the facial areas like cheeks and under the eye lids where it hurts significantly more.

The reason for the tattooing process being more hurtful on cheeks and under the eye lids is that in order for the needle to penetrate deeper in your skin the tattoo artist will need to stretch your skin while dealing with these areas, thus resulting in more pain for you to handle.

Dealing with care:

Tattoos need proper care in order to retain their color and design. After getting a facial tattoo one should regularly apply antibiotic ointment on the facial tattoo area twice a day for at least 2 weeks as face skin is very delicate and you don’t want to ruin your face skin.

Also do not apply any facial whitening creams, acne removal creams or chemicals of any sort after getting that facial tattoo. Keep your face dry and do not wash it often. If you feel the urge to itch on your new facial tattoo this mean that the tattoo is starting to heal but do not scratch it and apply moisturizing lotion for the itch to go away.

Design and concepts:

Facial tattoos can range from a bigger tattoo expanding through the entire area of your f

ace or just a small one over the eyebrow. It’s up to your personal liking about how much area of your face you want to get tattooed. In our collection you will find some facial tattoo designs that will give you a new decent look. Try them out!


face tattoos for men

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face tattoos for men

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face tattoos for men

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face tattoos for men

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Face tattoos for men

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face tattoos for men

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