Find out which tattoo is best for you, according to your astrological sign!

Are you in the market for a new tattoo? If so, it’s important to first consider the sign that you were born under, because your astrological sign can play a big role in influencing your style and fashion sense. Each one of these signs has an associated zodiac constellation that you can find in the night sky at different points throughout the year. This guide will help you identify which constellation lines up with your astrological sign, as well as which types of tattoos would be most suitable based on your personality and preferences.

Aries – Star Tattoo

While it may be a good idea to get something small and simple on your first tattoo, don’t go too subtle. You need to make sure that everyone knows what your zodiac symbol means: leadership, independence, courage and initiative. If that sounds like a lot of responsibility, that’s because it is – but you were born an Aries and can handle whatever comes at you head-on. In fact, if anything in life seems impossible or overwhelming right now – even getting a tiny little star on your ankle – just remind yourself of how much work it took just to survive infancy. That star represents a full circle of life (or something like that), after all – so embrace it as both new beginning and old ending.

Taurus – Elephant Tattoo

Taureans are driven, determined people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. They work hard and don’t expect anyone else to pick up after them. The Elephant has a similar personality – they are naturally gentle creatures but become fierce when they need to be. If these two were ever combined in one magnificent piece of art it would be called…the Elephant Tattoo.

Gemini – Crab Tattoo

Gemini tends to be hyperactive and on-the-go. This is a great tattoo choice as it will remind you that no matter how fast things are moving, slow down sometimes so that you don’t miss out on any important details. Crab tattoos often symbolize someone who likes to take everything slowly but with purpose. If we think about Gemini’s personality traits, it makes sense that someone like that would have a crab as a tattoo. Water Bearer Tattoo: People with a Water Bearer birth sign have very high standards and can be overly critical of others. If they choose not have their own negative energy go directly outward towards other people around them, they should consider getting their Water Bearer birth sign symbol permanently inked into their skin so that everyone sees it everyday.

Cancer – Moth Tattoo

Cancer Cancerians have a soft spot when it comes to their family and friends. When they are close to someone, they are as protective as a mother hen over her chicks. If you’re looking for someone that will show you unconditional love and affection like no other, look no further than a Cancerian. They do have some fears however. Some Cancers are terrified of being abandoned by their loved ones and if it happens once, there’s a chance that it can happen again—so much so that they would rather avoid confrontation all together and avoid people entirely then risk losing them forever. Another thing Cancers need protection from are broken promises.

Leo – Sun Tattoo

When looking at a design for a Sun Tattoo, it’s good practice to keep in mind that tattoos are permanent. In order to wear a tattoo with pride it needs to be something that represents who you are in such an honest and unique way that no one could ever confuse it with another person’s art. This isn’t about finding something pretty or cute; it’s about finding something really special. Think about your history and how you’ve been shaped by every experience and moment of every day. What parts of yourself have changed? What parts have remained steady? No matter what kind of life you lead or where you go next, what changes will always remain? These are all important questions when deciding on a Sun Tattoo design.

Virgo – Frog Tattoo

Virgos are perfectionists with a creative streak. They work hard at anything and everything they do. And their sense of style reflects that: it’s always tasteful and impeccable. Virgos will appreciate a subtle frog tattoo on their wrists or lower backs. It symbolizes good fortune and new beginnings in life, things that are perfect for someone as conscientious as a Virgo.

Libra – Heart Tattoo

Libras are known for their charm and social graces, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like a little privacy. In fact, Libras love romance and sensuality–which makes them an ideal candidate for a heart tattoo. A heart on his or her wrist is discreet enough that no one will see it except when you want to show it off, but it’s still close enough to make an impression–especially if you get it in a private area of your body. Think about how much more romantic things will be when he or she sees that special message come up on his/her phone…unless he/she has read our post first. Stay sneaky with these symbols of love from Zodiac Signs Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Know He Has (But Really Should) .

Scorpio – Butterfly Tattoo

Scorpio people are sexy and mysterious. If you want a unique symbol of that seductive side of your personality, look no further than a butterfly tattoo. These creatures have endured as symbols of transformation and rebirth across cultures throughout history – so it’s easy to imagine them embodying Scorpio’s mercurial blend of intense depth and restless change. And because of their association with wings (Scorpios often act like they have their own flying saucer) butterflies also conjure an element of transcendence – tying in nicely with Scorpio’s ambition and dreams of grandeur. But don’t be fooled by their delicate beauty: butterflies sting!

Sagittarius – Yin Yang Tattoo

This yin yang symbol represents duality and opposites. Everything in life has opposing forces—the sun and moon, day and night. It’s up to us to harmonize them or let one dominate. But as a Sagittarius myself, I think of it a little differently: You’re half adventurous explorer, half homebody; you’re both spiritual and grounded; each arm of the yin yang represents an antithesis but combined they form something greater than their parts.

Capricorn – Bicycle Wheel Tattoo

Capricorns are determined, ambitious people. They strive for success in everything they do, and a bike wheel tattoo can help express that drive. The gears of a bicycle hub represent life’s ups and downs but also show that all things come full circle; plus it has been said that riding a bike can actually help lower stress. A bike wheel on your skin symbolizes achieving balance in both work and play – exactly what Capricorn loves. If you’re looking for a unique design idea with personal meaning then go with a cycle wheel tattoo design.

Aquarius – Feather Tattoo

If you were born between January 20 and February 18, chances are you’re an Aquarius. As an Aquarian, tattoos have always been something of a passion—because they allow you to express yourself freely and without having to worry about censorship. However, most people tend to shy away from wild designs when it comes time to get inked. Luckily, we think we found one that would make any Aquarius fall in love: a spectacular feather design. The intricate patterns on feathers are just what an artsy aquarian needs: totally fascinating. Plus they’re symmetrical—which means they won’t end up looking lopsided like half of all amateur tattoos do.

Pisces – Butterfly Wings Tattoo

People who have a Pisces sign are creative types who love beauty and don’t mind a bit of drama. A cool butterfly wing tattoo would be ideal – it’s delicate and pretty, but there’s just enough interesting details (i.e. one wing is different from another) that it doesn’t get boring after a while. Plus there are lots of different ways to do butterfly wings, so it really depends on what your style preferences are as well as whether or not you like minimalist designs or if you prefer something with more detail work. The wings could either cover most of one side (or both sides) of your back or be done on one shoulder blade.