finger tattoos for men

finger tattoos for men

finger tattoos for men

Chest, forearm, bicep, back, ankle and leg tattoos for men have been and still are very popular among men but a relatively new idea of finger tattoos are making their way in the wish list of men. Like ear tattoos, finger tattoos are also small in size and require some decent detail in their design in order to look good. Men can either get a finger tattoo on only one or on all of the fingers of their hand. Men mostly choose their middle finger or the engagement ring finger to get a finger tattoo. However, it’s not a universal truth that only these fingers must be opted for a finger tattoo.

The index finger is also a very good option to get a finger tattoo and having a tattoo on your thumb would also be a good creative idea. So, it’s up to the personal preference of a man to get a finger tattoo on whichever finger he wants.



small tattoos on finger



handsome guy tattoo on finger

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Pain, pain and pain:

Finger tattoos hurt a lot. Yes, you heard it right! Fingers have a lot of nerves in them. The skin of the fingers is a little thick but as fingers do not have any muscle between the skin layer and finger bone the process of getting a tattoo is very painful. The skin of your fingers is naturally not feasible for a finger tattoo to heal quickly and properly. Our fingers are all made of skin and bone so, one should get an idea about the pain of getting a finger tattoo beforehand.



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The fading problem:

Finger tattoos do not perform well when it comes to keeping their original color intensity. Unlike other tattoos finger tattoos really do fade away fast. The reason of fading with such speed is that fingers along with our hands experience a lot more washing and cleaning as compared to other body parts. We use hard soaps for cleaning purposes and our hands get dirty more often as we use them in any work that we do in our daily routine life matters so, this excess of cleaning makes the finger tattoos to fade away real quick.

The expected life of finger tattoos range from 6 to 12 months depending mainly upon the type and quality of tattoo ink used by your artist. The finger tattoos are not removed permanently but gets very dim over the period of time.





finger on tattoo

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Taking care of your new finger tattoo:

After getting a new finger tattoo you should keep it away from water. Make sure your fingers do not get sweaty by wearing gloves of any kind. Keep good care of your fingers while they heal, apply moisturizer and keep them as cleaner as possible.

Design and concepts about finger tattoos:

Finger tattoos can have different designs like an engagement ring replacing tattoo, a tattoo covering your whole index finger including knuckles, tattooing only on the finger joints and many more. The finger tattoo design could also cover the sides of your finger depending upon the overall design of the finger tattoo. We have gathered some finger tattoo ideas that will make you fall in love with finger tattoos.

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