Foot Tattoos For Men Guys

Foot Tattoos For Men Guys

Foot Tattoos For Men Guys

The trend of having foot tattoos for men is rising among young people. Feet tattoos are gaining popularity among both men and women. Foot tattoos are hidden work of art under your shoes. Many good designs for foot tattoos for guys are available for one to choose from. Men mostly like to cover their entire foot with a tattoo design. The Foot tattoo can either consist of a big tattoo covering your whole foot or it can be a small delicate design with a meaning. It’s not necessary that a foot tattoo must have a meaning as most people just get the foot tattoo for the design of it that looks cool for their feet. You can have a foot tattoo that extends all the way up to your legs or a part of a leg tattoo design. However, it comes down to your choice about what you are seeking for.

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Hurting related with feet tattoos for men:

All tattoos hurt. While some tattoos may hurt more, others will hurt less. It’s our own ability to tolerate pain in the end that defines how much of pain we will be experiencing during the process of getting tattooed by our tattoo giving artist.

As we know the foot consists mainly of bones and nerves. The foot tattoos do hurt more because of the non-presence of fat under the foot skin. Also when the needle comes over the bony area of our feet the pain really gets intolerable for some individuals as this is the part which hurts the most while getting a foot tattoo but you should also realize that the pain will be temporary and your cool tattoo will remain with you for life.

If you are not good dealing with pain you should probably go for a tattoo on less painful areas of your body. In fact go for temporary ink or henna to get your favorite tattoo design on your foot and if the beauty it adds to your feet is worth it, you can get a permanent inked one later after plucking up the courage.

Taking care of the foot tattoo designs:

Just like any other tattoo your foot tattoos also need the care in the initial period after getting one.

  • Don’t use soaps having harsh chemicals in it.
  • Keep your foot tattoo away from water and getting dirty.
  • Gently tap with a soft towel to dry it after washing it with a mild soap.
  • Apply antibiotic ointments.
  • Do not wear shoes of any kind for a week after getting the foot tattoo.
  • After 5-6 days of getting the tattoo you can wear shoes but remember to put on 2 pairs of socks made of soft fabric so that your tattoo does not get rubbed against the shoe.

Tattoo ideas or style foot tattoos:

Foot tattoo designs are always unique in their own way. Mostly foot tattoos consists of patterns or designs that may appear attractive to the tattoo bearing person. In our collection you will find some of the handpicked cool designs to enhance the beauty of your feet. So, check out our foot tattoo designs in this regard for your reference.

lion tattoo on foot

source: liontattoos

Lion tattoo a sign of bravery

Couple have tattoos on foot

spider web tattoo

source: studio_667

Cool spider web tattoo


Hand poked tattoose