Gothic Tattoos For Men – Ideas For Gothic Tattoos

Gothic Tattoos For Men – Ideas For Gothic Tattoos

Gothic Tattoos For Men

Gothic tattoos for men are one of the most appealing tattoos of all. They beat all other tattoo designs and body art with their creativity. They are very distinctive from other tattoos because of their symbolic representation. Usually people with love for black go with the theme of Gothic tattoos to decorate their body. It is mostly because Gothic tattoos are inked out in black ink or other dark shades.

Probably some people would surprise when they came to know this fact because in general we consider death or evil power corresponding to black. Furthermore if we share a fact about Goths, it is said that they were worshipers of evil powers (Satan) and they frequently used black colored things to praise Satan. Such things include black clothing, dying hair in black, wearing dark lipstick, and applying black color on nails. Due to all such activities they were mistakenly considered as negative community. But if truth be told, they were not like this. We also find some other facts regarding Goths. They were hardshipers of their time. They believed in self-happiness. If you look this other side of the picture, then probably negativity or negative thoughts would not appear in your mind for Goths.

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Gothic theme portrays a huge selection of designs for Gothic tattoos. The Goths were so talented and creative that they were great painters, artists, designers and writers at the same time. This multi tasking characteristic of Goths gives us tattoo designs of various types. You may found skulls, vampires, dragons, evil dolls or witches, crosses, wrecked castles, snakes etc in collection of Gothic tattoos. This handful variety of Gothic symbols for tattoos interprets the creativity level of Goths. From mystical creatures to realistic symbols all are affiliated to Gothic tattoos.


As we talked earlier, the general public may associate stereotype meanings of death or devil to the Gothic tattoo designs. May be the symbols included in Gothic tattoos appeared like that to some people but it is totally wrong. Gothic tattoos do not entirely reflect any negativity in their symbols. These are all lousy connotations of ancient times. Mainly the Gothic tattoos are a way to express one’s emotions in some unique way or you may also say that it depends on the wearer that for what purpose or with what meaning does he wear that particular Gothic tattoo. It is because most of the symbols of Gothic tattoos are more likely to not depict the same meaning as they will show to the viewers from naked eyes.


Gothic tattoos consist of a wide range of symbols and iconic designs. Both men and women can wear them. But here we will be specific to man’s collection of Gothic designs. We have made a significant collection to cover the best designs of Gothic tattoos for men so you may have a look to their details and choose the right one for you.


The Gothic skull is one of the most familiar of all Gothic tattoos. The skull, a part of skeleton may reflect the end of life. But it is the destiny of every alive human being. So if you want to suppress this characteristic of your tattoo, you may decorate it with flowers or bright colors naming it a sugar skull tattoo. It will sound pretty good.


To paint a mythical beast on your body you may ink out the tattoo of Gothic dragon. The dragon fighting with its enemy will be an illustration of a courageous man. The fierce dragon tattoo will represent your fighting spirit to the evil powers. You may fill its body with black color or the combination of dark green and blue will also make your dragon tattoo appealing for the viewers. But if you want to give your dragon a cute look, then you should apply a small dragon with thin lines and less detail.


The theme or conception behind the black rose is of grief or death. This might suit a sad soul but usually people do not make tattoos to express their sorrow, they do it to express some strong emotions, feelings or thoughts. Historically, rebellion is also symbolic for black rose. If you do not like the stereotype traditions, then Gothic black rose tattoo is for you to represent that particular characteristic in your own creative way. To place your Gothic black rose, you can choose your chest, front shoulder or lower leg.


Many of us like fairy tales, either the fairy mentioned in the story is of good character or not, but we all like the fantasy described in it. Gothic fairy tattoos have mainly the illustration of fairies belonging to dark world i.e. having evil powers. Men with the liking of witches may tattoo their skin with Gothic fairy tattoos. The Gothic fairy tattoos will look great if you apply it on your back using full area or you may also have it on your chest.


The general meaning a cross always depicts is of believe and faith as it is a religious symbol. It is upto your choice either you want to ink it out on a small area or large. You may also entwined your cross tattoo in snakes, dragons or other creatures as well. 3D Gothic cross is another way to design Gothic tattoo. To apply Gothic cross tattoo, you may use any of your body part like biceps, shoulder, palms, chest or back.


Young guys sometimes like cartoon characters to paint their body. Evil dolls showing up in movies are also a kind of ferocious Gothic tattoo. Using dark inks or tattooing a half face of doll you may easily get a terrifying look of Gothic evil dolls.


You must know that to make your Gothic tattoos stand out you can use multiple creatures and designs. Wrecked churches or castles giving haunted appearance are also a part of Gothic tattoos. Some other creatures like crows, snakes, cats or bats are different patterns used for Gothic tattoos.

We have tried to cover almost all the major types of Gothic tattoos in this content. Hope after knowing about the legendary Gothic tattoo art you will be able to select the one which inspired you the most.

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