Horseshoe Tattoos for Men

Horseshoe Tattoos for Men

Horseshoe Tattoos for Men

Now instead of talking about tattoos on a specific human body area we will be briefing you about the tattoo design and type. One of the types of a tattoo one can get is a horseshoe tattoo.

A horseshoe is a shoe made for the hoof of the horses to protect their hoof from wear and tear while walking and running on rocky, hilly roads or rough terrains. These shoes are mostly made up of iron metal and fixed with the hoof of a horse by the help of seven nails to the hoof.

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Historical Tattoo and Their Importance:

Throughout the history of man horseshoe has been linked with bringing good luck and safety. Some even hang or put a real horseshoe made out of iron (as iron was believed to keep the evil spirits and negativity away) using nails, more often in the upward position of the open end of the shoe on the entering doors of their houses, thinking that when they will pass through that door they will be blessed with good luck and health. Since mostly seven nails are used to nail the shoe to the hoof of a horse, people have also adopted the number “seven” as a lucky number. This belief about the good luck related to the horseshoe is still strong among many people in this era as well.

What Does Horseshoe Tattoo Mean?

Do you know form where the idea of horseshoe tattoo came? It is dated back to 1897 when the Romans first designed horseshoe with a purpose of protection of horse’s hoofs. They were first used as a covering for hoofs of the horses particularly those who were meant to participate in various events such as riding, polo, show jumping or sport of horse racing. As the time goes on, the European started to symbolize the horseshoe as a sign of luck and protection.

Every symbol or design which we choose as a tattoo has multiple meanings or tales which people associated with it while talking about them. Same is the case with horseshoe tattoo. At present days, people symbolize it not only as a sign of fortune but also for strength, success, magic and safe travelling. That is why when you would ask people the reason of wearing a horseshoe tattoo, you will definitely get different replies from them.

Generally, there are two primary reasons, why people prefer to ink out a horseshoe design for their tattoos. Either they have love for horses and are fond of keeping them or they are influenced by the meanings associated with the symbol.

Majority of people ink out the upward pointing design of horseshoe tattoo as it is considered a symbol of good fortune.

The meaning of success and strength has been derived with the reference of horse racing.

One more meaning regarding horseshoe tattoo is safe travelling. It is also come from Europeans who viewed the symbol as a crescent.

On the whole there are different meanings of horseshoe tattoo but the most important is having a good luck.

Why Horseshoe Tattoo Lucky For You?

When we talk about horseshoe tattoos, the foremost thing that would possibly strike to our mind is luck and protection. For centuries, it has been regarded as a symbol of good fortune. It all began when horseshoe were made for protection of horse’s hoofs. After that people started to acknowledge it as a sign of good luck and protection for humans too. Over the time the concept become more familiar among the folks.

Does it really so? No one is sure about the authenticity of the tale, but still a significant number of people belief in it and like to ink out the horseshoe tattoos on their body parts.

There is another interesting fact we come to know when look at the history of horseshoe tattoo trend. It is about the position of horseshoe tattoo. People say that having a horseshoe tattoo pointing in upward direction reveals that you have collected all the surrounding luck in the curve of the symbol. The upwards pointing design allows all the good fortune to fall in it and it will not run out.

Some people prefer the tattoo to be in upside down position. Three different sayings are associated with this position. Few people say that it will let all your bad luck to fall out. On the other hand some have the concept that in this way our luck will run out. The third one is the most appealing. It says that when you have a horseshoe tattoo facing downward, it will shower your good luck on others too.

Even some people are so much convinced of the idea that horseshoe is lucky that they like to put or hang it on their doorsteps.

Good Luck Charm:

In the similar manner a horseshoe tattoo is supposed to bring good luck, richness and prosperity to the bearer. People wear horseshoe necklace, bracelets and mostly get the horse shoe tattoo as a good luck charm for them. As a result of this philosophy both men and women love to get the horseshoe tattoos.

Pain Factor:

The pain that you will experience while getting a horseshoe tattoo depends upon the body area for which you are getting the tattoo for. If you are looking to get the tattoo on calves, thighs and areas that contain strong muscles and fat it would probably hurt less as compared to getting the tattoo on more painful bony areas like ankles, elbows or areas with lots of nerve endings like armpits etc.

Design Philosophy:

The importance and purpose of the horseshoe tattoo remains the same irrespective of the design or change in the size of the shape of the tattoo. So, one can be creative with the horseshoe tattoo and try out different horseshoe tattoo design for themselves.

Usually the horseshoe tattoo design is made keeping the open end of the horseshoe upwards. There are many unique ways in which a person can get a horseshoe tattoo depending upon the body area for which he/she is getting the tattoo. Mostly people get the horseshoe tattoos on foot, calves, legs and inner side of the forearm etc. Some may even get a tattoo that looks like they are wearing a horseshoe necklace around their neck or a tattoo that looks like a horseshoe bracelet around their wrist.

Instead of wandering here and there, go through our horseshoe tattoo designs especially collected for you!

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Simple but attractive, A small horseshoe tattoo on back to the arm looks awesome.

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Some different types of Horseshoe tattoos to wear on your feel.

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