How Many People Have Tattoos?

How Many People Have Tattoos?

How Many People Have Tattoos?

Estimates about the number of people with tattoos vary slightly, placing the figure at between twenty percent and twenty-five percent of all adult Americans. What research does agree upon, however, is the number varies by gender, age group, and tattoo type. The following article explores how many tattooed men and women are currently alive in the United States.


As a general rule, it’s estimated that about seventy percent of those who are tattooed were first made to wear them. If one has a tattoo they often think about a certain event, like a college graduation or a wedding. This is because most people wearing tattoos have gone through this process before and will continue to have the same kind of feelings about it as they did when they were younger. Those who have tattoos often feel younger than their chronological age. There is no reason for this belief, though, since most people with tattoos have grown into their skin and can look as good as they would have years ago.

There are many reasons why people get tattoos, including religious, political, or just personal preferences. Men commonly have tattoos on their wrists, chests, back, and forearms. Women, though, have the most popular locations, which are usually located on their arms, legs, and lower backs. A tattoo can also be a sign of a person’s sexuality, as they are often placed on a part of the body that isn’t covered by clothes or clothing accessories.

Those who have tattoos often think about their personality traits, which can come from the time they spent in a tattoo parlor or from a friend’s comment. It may even have something to do with where they get their tattoos. A woman may choose her tattoos based on the colors of her hair, while a man might pick something off a tattoo gallery to remind him of something he enjoyed in his childhood. Tattoos are an expression of a certain part of the person’s personality, so they tend to change over time.


One thing that is clear is that there are more women getting tattoos than men. Statistics about this are not particularly accurate, but it seems like more women are getting them than ever before. With the economy taking a hit in recent years, that trend is likely to continue. In addition to the higher unemployment rates, more people are living at home with their parents due to various circumstances.

When a woman gets a tattoo, there are some different types of tattoos she can have than a man can. Most commonly she has to choose from the “Lolita”Bella” designs, and a few others that involve cross tattoos. Other women often choose tattoos that have an abstract, tribal-looking theme that is symbolic in nature. It is common for men to go for a design that involves their favorite sport or group.

The place a person gets a tattoo depends a lot on where they plan to get it done. A larger city has more options for tattoo shops and parlors than a smaller town does, since there are more tattoo artists working. Some places are known for having the best artwork, while others may specialize in certain types of tattoos. Although the more common places tend to specialize in the tattoo industry, some people have chosen to have it done elsewhere.

When it comes to finding the right artist for your tattoo, it pays to make sure to do research. about the studio you plan to work with, so that you know what the studio is known for, what kind of reputation it has, and how the shop is ranked on the web.