How to Do Stick and Poke Tattoos: Tips On How To Do It Right

How to Do Stick and Poke Tattoos: Tips On How To Do It Right

For people who want to get a unique and interesting look, but don’t want to be stuck with the boring old style of a tattoo on their body, or to have it removed once it’s on your skin, how to do stick and poke tattoos is a great way to have that perfect design. Here’s how you can do it safely and effectively.


Before you start with your tattoo, make sure that the area where you’re going to put it is clean and free of any type of debris. There are several products that you can use to clean the area to help get rid of any sort of contamination. If you don’t want to use soap, just use a mild hand sanitizer or antibacterial cleaner that you find at any pharmacy. Anytime you have to do this, you’ll want to make sure that you use some type of gloves to protect your hands from potential contamination.

Once you’re done disinfecting the area where you’re going to put the tattoo, you should start to work on the design. You want to make sure that it’s going to be in an area that will show off its uniqueness and not just something that everyone has inked onto their body. If you’re going to be putting a design on your own body, it’ll be important to take a few seconds to make sure that you choose a design that will stand out as well as tell your story.


If you choose a design that is a little more traditional, like tribal tattoos, it may require you to look into what the body’s vein patterns are in that area. By knowing what type of design you will need to put onto your body, you’ll know exactly how to do stick and poke tattoos so that they look as original as possible.

If you’re unsure about how to do stick and poke tattoos, you should consider going to your local tattoo parlor to get some professional advice before you get a brand new tattoo on your body. Not only will they be able to give you the advice on how to get it done properly, they will also be able to show you some of their designs in advance so that you can see them in action. This will save you some time and allow you to get the exact design that you want to have on your body as soon as possible.

Once you’ve done everything you need to get the tattoo done, it’s important to make sure that you know how to choose the right colors for your new ink. For example, if you’re getting black, you’ll want to make sure that you know which color that will be the most appropriate for your skin tone. For this reason, you should always look at pictures of people who have tattoos to get ideas on what color will work the best for you.


Once you have the new ink ready and waiting for you to put it on your body, you should always follow some basic safety measures to make sure that the ink doesn’t cause any sort of infection. This includes washing your hands thoroughly and making sure that you use a sterilized needle.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to have the perfect tattoo that’s going to be both unique and eye-catching and have it stay on for a long time. With the right tattoo, you can feel more confident about yourself and look the part.