How to Get a Tattoo for Your Mom (That Your Son Will Love, Too)

If you’re looking to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day with a gift that will touch her heart, consider getting her a tattoo. Not only is this an incredibly thoughtful present, but it’s also one that she can show off to everyone in her life, as many moms proudly display their tattoos on their arms and legs.

The Benefits of Tattoos

It’s said that pain is beauty. But if you know what you’re getting into and are able to withstand it, tattoos provide some beautiful benefits: body art can help you express your personality or serve as a meaningful tribute. Take advantage of these perks by asking yourself how much you want them: do they offer a constant reminder of something important? Do they help define who you are? What about scars? In other words, think about whether your tattoos will impact your day-to-day life—and if so, how? You don’t want to spend all that time inked up only to discover their true value when it’s too late.

Getting the Right Design

The first step is coming up with an idea for what you want your tattoo to look like. If you’re sure of exactly what you want and don’t mind drawing it yourself, great! If not, try browsing some sites like Pinterest or DeviantArt until you find something that inspires you. Or—and we love seeing creativity here—use one of our templates below

Choosing the Right Location

One of your first decisions will be whether or not you want your tattoo to be visible—and where you want it on your body. Many moms like to choose locations that are easy for their children to see when they are playing with them. Other moms prefer tattoos that can only be seen when they are bathing, so their kids won’t tease them about strange marks on their bodies. Whichever location you choose, make sure you have enough room. A small heart may work well on an ankle or wrist, but bigger designs may need more space. Before committing yourself (or your skin), find out how much time and effort is involved in caring for each possible location.

Timing Is Everything

If you have any interest in getting a tattoo, now is an amazing time to get one—especially if you’re doing it as a surprise gift. No matter your parent’s age or preferred aesthetic tastes, odds are there’s something they would appreciate. Whether it’s something that celebrates their favorite hobby or speaks of their history in a meaningful way, get them started by asking what it is they might want: Do they want something small and subtle? Do they want something colorful? Or do they want something large and in-your-face?

Choosing a Quality Artist

There are many qualities that make an artist a good candidate to create your first tattoo. First and foremost, they should be able to create in multiple styles; it doesn’t matter if you want your mom tattooed with traditional Japanese art or a Western-style portrait—you need an artist who can do both. If you’re going with one style or another, though, it’s important that your artist has experience working in that particular style. For example, if you want Japanese symbols tattooed on your mom’s backside, don’t choose someone who specializes in cartoonish designs because they’ll use different types of brushes and ink—and what you end up with will look more like color than anything else.

What to Expect While Under the Needle

Getting a tattoo is never an easy feat. It requires serious dedication and commitment; you’re going to be wearing it on your body forever after all. Before you get under the needle, make sure that your artist knows how old you are and double-check their equipment with them. If they have any doubts about their health or sterilization procedures, walk away from them immediately – because if they can’t get those two things right, what else might they mess up? Also make sure that your artist has experience in creating tattoos for moms before committing! After all, both of you are going to be stuck with it forever! Just as long as both parties have confidence in their artist and plan, getting a tattoo together can be fun—no matter what age you are.

Staying Safe and Healing Correctly

Getting a tattoo is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But if you want your artwork to last as long as possible without fading or looking patchy, there are some things you should know. First off, it’s important that you stay safe. Tattoos are fun and exciting, but they can also be dangerous if you don’t take precautions. You need to make sure that whoever inks your body knows what they’re doing—and their studio needs proper sanitation equipment so germs aren’t transferred onto your skin while being worked on.