How to Get Cheap Tattoos That Don’t Look Cheap

Tattoos are very popular, but not everyone can afford to pay $400 or more to get one done. If you’re looking to get inked up on the cheap, follow these five tips to get cheap tattoos that don’t look cheap.

Know What You Want

It can be easy to fall in love with a design online and book an appointment before you know exactly what you want done. While that may work out perfectly for some people, it can also lead to disappointing results. Your body is a canvas, so it’s important that you’re as clear as possible about your vision. If possible, talk with a tattoo artist beforehand or use hand-drawn designs that he or she can replicate. Regardless of whether or not you come in with a specific design in mind, describe what kinds of things interest you (skulls? animals? words?). Bring up specific styles if there are any artists whose work has caught your eye on Instagram.

Research Artists

While a cheap tattoo is possible, you don’t want to cut corners with your artist. You want someone who will listen to what you want and help make it happen. Go on Google and look up local artists who specialize in your area of interest and see if they have websites or any social media presence. If so, check them out. A website is a basic necessity for an artist looking for work, so if someone doesn’t have one (or only has a Facebook page), move on.

Consider Location

Getting a tattoo can seem like a great idea at first, but you’ll want to give it some serious thought before going under that needle. Even if you’re certain of your choice and have taken all possible precautions, tattoos are permanent (at least for now). You’ll want to take your time and find an artist with whom you feel completely comfortable. You can ask people for recommendations, do online research and check out any reviews or portfolios they may have available on their websites.

Do Your Research on Prices

Like everything else, you get what you pay for when it comes to tattoos. At a tattoo shop that’s less than reputable, where sanitary conditions are questionable and highly skilled artists are hard to come by, you’re going to pay $50 for a tattoo or $500—either way, it’s going to look cheap. To avoid paying for low-quality artistry and equipment, do your research. Ask around about shops in your area and see which ones get good reviews from customers; if you know people who have tattoos themselves, ask where they got them done.

Check Reviews

The only way to know if you’re getting a good deal is by looking at reviews. Do other customers have positive things to say about your artist? And has your artist been accredited or trained in any special way? If you feel uncomfortable with any of these answers, there may be a reason for it. And remember that just because one person likes their tattoo doesn’t mean you will like yours—everyone has different tastes! When shopping around for cheap tattoos, consider how much time and money you’re saving versus what kind of quality you’re sacrificing. If a price seems too good to be true, then think about who else is paying for it—you or someone else? Check out these tips for getting low-cost work done on a high-quality budget!

Go With Your Gut

Let’s face it, tattoos can be expensive. And many of us can’t afford a five-star tattoo artist every time we want to get inked. While budgeting for your next tat is important, don’t let cost control you completely—if there’s an artist whose work catches your eye and inspires you, go with that feeling instead of sticking to price alone. That said, if it’s your first tattoo, check out forums and blogs before scheduling so you know what types of designs work well with various mediums.