How to get Cool Tattoos Without Regretting Them Later

Getting a tattoo is not to be taken lightly—it’s an extremely personal decision, and it’s an extremely permanent one. If you get your tattoo designs online, you could regret it later because of the poor quality of the art or the fact that it doesn’t look anything like what you thought it would when you ordered it from an artist on Etsy or another website. That being said, there are some things you can do to make sure your tattoos aren’t regrettable after they’re inked onto your skin.

Do Your Research

Some people will tell you it’s best to wait until your mid-twenties before getting a tattoo. The logic here is that we start off our lives heavily influenced by our parents, and as time goes on, we start branching out more. Although some kids still have tattoos of their favorite characters at 20, it’s safe to say that most people are done wanting childish things by then. The debate over whether or not it’s better to wait extends into other aspects of life too—but don’t let age stop you from getting a new tat now if you really want one! Just do some research first (more on that below) and make sure your heart (and your wallet) are in it for good.

Have a Plan B

Thinking of getting a tattoo? Great! Don’t be one of those people who impulsively gets a tattoo and ends up regretting it later. Before you put pen to skin, make sure you have a plan for your next move. First, do your research: look at lots of pictures, ask friends who are into tattoos for their suggestions and find out what kind of artists they recommend (or steer clear from). Once you have a solid list of potential shops, call each one and see if they take walk-ins or if they’re booked up until Halloween. Then go in with realistic expectations: It’s okay if you don’t like every artist or can’t afford every design—do what’s best for you in the moment.

Make Sure You Can Live With It

When you’re deciding what tattoo to get, you should consider whether or not you’ll be able to live with it 20 years from now. You know that saying, You can’t take it with you? It’s true when it comes to body art. You can change your hair color, redecorate your house and even reshape your body with plastic surgery (which is a whole other story). But once that ink sets on your skin, it will be there for life—so choose wisely!

Know your body’s limits

If you want a tattoo, chances are it’s because it expresses something about who you are or what you love. You might be looking for a way to honor a loved one or symbolize your dedication to an organization. Perhaps you’re just bored and want a cool-looking sleeve. Whatever your reason, first figure out if tattoos fit in with your long-term goals. If they do, try not to let body image fears deter you from getting inked — after all, if that’s what makes you happy now, at least while they’re healing and they look fresh and sharp, then there’s no harm done! The worst thing that could happen is that it won’t look as good as expected (an outcome I’ve seen firsthand), but even then…you’ll live!

Use professional help when needed

Getting a tattoo is a fun and exciting process, but it can also be nerve-wracking. While it’s your body, and you have all sorts of creative license in regards to what you want done and where, there are some things you should consider before getting any permanent ink. The first and most important step of getting a tattoo is finding an artist that you feel comfortable with; ideally, one that has experience in what you’re looking for. Whether it’s an outline of your favorite band logo or something more personal—such as a hidden message inside an illustration—the main goal is that when you’re finished, you like how it looks. Finding someone professional will help ensure that outcome.