Top 50 Best Leg Tattoos For Men

Top 50 Best Leg Tattoos For Men


We often see adult men going with a full chest or back tattoo for getting a bold, impressive look. The prior reason stands for the choice of these tattoos among men is the desire of achieving something quite like a massive body art with hot looks. Another reason could be the large, closely uniform space these areas provide you to get the ink.

However if we compare the leg tattoos with them many of you would reject leg tattoos in the first place thinking it is not the ideal place to occupy a big enough tattoo. But the case is not exactly the same. Your leg, read carefully if your anatomy is weak, offers you great number of ideas to apply the tattoo ink with some striking designs.

Let’s have a brief look of leg anatomy to find out the most suitable part of leg for tattoo needle to be applied.

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Thigh Tattoo:

No doubt the upper leg portion offers the largest place among all leg parts but when it comes to visibility it is lying at the bottom of the list. If you are okay with almost zero visibility or the least even with shorts then it could be the best part to have an extensive leg tattoo.

The region starting from the pelvic bone up to patella (kneecap) is named as thigh possessing high proportion of bone tissues. The thickness avoids intense feeling of pain.

Knee Tattoo:

Next to thigh is the most important part knee which one would definitely want to stay untouched if he is getting a leg tattoo and can withstand low-threshold pain. This part suffers with the highest level of pain during full leg tattoo and also takes a long period to overcome the healing process. The reason is its thin skin which provides chances to the needle to directly hit the bone and ligaments.

Shin Tattoo:

It’s the front part of lower leg where the bone is again underlying a thin skin. Experiencing a tattoo on this part is like exposing yourself to the severe pain adventure. Although visualization is no problem at all for shin tattoo but the initial days of recovery would be uncomfortable.

Calf Tattoo:

The part below the knee on the backside is called calf and fortunately comes with the least pain experience for leg tattoo. Also the plain, broad space gives you opportunity to ink out a significant design with wide range.


Foot and ankle are also sensitive parts to deal with the pain intensity of tattoo needle yet they are either covered in full leg tattoo or men with small tattoo preferences like them for few times.

The pain experiences we discussed here are of course not same for all. These are based on what majority told but the real exposure will better tell you either yours is good, bad or worst of them.


Some Amazing Leg Tattoo Designs for Men

Leg tattoos like many other areas are easy to conceal with clothes but when exposed also give an attractive appeal to the bearer. Here are enormous designs covering either your entire leg or only a small portion to give a very huge collection for leg tattoos.


Japanese Style

Japanese tattoo culture is full of mind blowing ideas and each picture retains some strong meanings to represent through body art. The list of Japanese tattoo symbols include dragons, koi fish, phoenix, fu-dog, oni mask and many others for captivating leg sleeve tattoo.

Tribal Artwork

Looking for something traditional yet enchanting then tribal tattoo is the one for you. For most of the times this tattoo applied with black ink and gives man his classic, unmistakable look. Tattoo ideas for tribal theme can be various the most common are Celtic cross, sun and eagle.

Horrific Dragon

Dragon has always been the most appreciable mythical creature among tattoo lovers and comes in variety to get the one of its kind. The conventional tattoo of a fire-breathing dragon with colorful ink looks more realistic while wrapping around your calf.

Minimal Sideways Tattoo

If you don’t want intricate designs and finding some simple yet cute ideas for leg tattoos, we have them for you. For minimal leg tattoos you may get cat, butterflies, stars, crown, cactus, name tattoo or just even a band curling around your knee or ankles looking more like anklets.

Angel Tattoo

Angel tattoos possess both spiritual and physical meaning and serve as a better representative of your emotions and faith. An angel with its flickering wings is perfect for a lower leg tattoo.

Want to try it differently, add 3D theme for animated look with multiple colors and see the change.

Badass Fire Tattoo

Badass tattoos are the most adaptable ones for guys as beginners tattoo and the creativity can be done in variety of ways. Choices are numerous extending between humans, animals, mythical creatures and other objects. Pick up your favorite character and let the artist do something fantastic with it.

Geometric Flower Patterns

Rose, tulip or jasmine are listed as the common flower tattoos so why get so dull with this stereotype theme. Ask your tattooist to put the ink in patterns which on combining can depict something unique even with the same flower.

Memorial Tattoos

Portrait tattoos although demands a flat canvas to play with ink but your calf is also the most appropriate part to drill for a memorial tattoo. Its great advantage is that your tattoo has very low chances of going similar to your companions depending upon the character you choose for memorial tattoo.

Skull Tattoos

These tattoos are being the favorite choices for most people and manifest the true meaning of life with their visuals. Men can go with skull tattoos in variations like associating rose, snakes, angel or any other options for an ideal skull leg tattoo.

Arrow Tattoo

Arrows are to interpret your courage, strength and power in decent manner. Small arrows stretching along the sides of your legs are better to deal with lower leg tattoo.

Snake Tattoo

Snake tattoo is the perfect match for your leg to get a real masterpiece. These tattoos look incredibly excellent in combination of black-red or black-white ink while twisting around your entire leg.

Marine Tattoo

From marine tattoos we mean that you may have dolphin, seahorse, starfish, or octopus on your leg. These designs can be applied using multi-colors representing your enthusiastic, nature-loving personality.

Water color theme

Mixing up different colors to develop an outstanding water-color theme in leg tattoo is awesome to have something impressive for your leg tattoo. You may also use some quotes to elaborate your tattoo.

Dark Evening

It might look irrational for you to create the features of evening sight on leg but your tattooist will know how beautifully it can be achieved.  But it’s must that you are seeking the professional’s services.


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