Top 50 Best lion Tattoo Ideas For Men

Top 50 Best lion Tattoo Ideas For Men


Some of the people like large-sized, eye-catching tattoos to drag everyone’s attention. While others love those designs that easily hide under the clothes. If you are also fond of the big, full canvas like tattoos then cheers! This blog is going to be interesting to you. If not, then wait a little while and we will meet you soon with some fresh ideas for minimal men tattoos.

Lion has got a special place in tattoo art for its royalty and dominance. It depicts the ruling power and aura that is its specialty and so for the lion tattoos. Lion tattoos have always been popular among men for the meanings of bravery, courage, masculinity, and strength that it symbolizes. The zodiac Leo is also represented by Lion and those born under this sign often possess similar characteristics making them recognizable from the crowd.


Meanings Associated With Lion Tattoos

Lion tattoos on your body can interpret a lot of meanings depending upon the design, color, or place you opt to ink out a lion tattoo.

Mainly it symbolizes:

  • Strength
  • Pride
  • Family
  • Royalty
  • Dominance
  • Leadership
  • Bravery
  • Determined
  • Confident


Lion Tattoo Ideas

This majestic animal reflects an intimidating persona and leaves us with rich ideas to ink out a bold, captivating tattoo on our skin. Whether it’s just a geometric sketch or a complicated, intricate design full of details you will find a wide variety in lion tattoos. We have an impressive gallery occupied with lion tattoo ideas that won’t let you take your eyes off from the captivating, aesthetic designs.

The Royal Tattoo:

Do you love enjoying yourself as the king of your empire? Or it also brings to you a sense of responsibility, ownership, and guardian towards your fellow beings? Being a king feels like an honor and prestige but also comes with the responsibility to protect your pride. A lion king with the crown on his head manifests how independent and strong you are to perform the role.

Winged Lion Tattoo:

If you are too into religion then this St Mark, the winged lion will be a perfect piece to get tattooed on the chest. It needs a broad area to get inked out with all its details. The feathery wings will cover the curves of your chest and the head of the lion will occupy the central position. It looks decent yet attractive.

Tribal Lion Tattoo:

It is a combination of culture and nature where the two ends meet and collectively make a masterpiece on your body. The thick, dark lines absorbing all the energy from surrounding and making the viewer lost in its depths and curves. Men with tribal hierarchy often choose this design and it really looks bold and unconventional.

Lion Head Tattoo:

This simple, sophisticated design can be very artistic if you have got a creative tattooist otherwise it would be more regretful. You can either leave it simple with just a black base and white detailing, or can add Japanese flowers twirling around it or that giant clock, or calendar, to add a mythical touch to your simple tattoo making it more meaningful.

Lion and Cub Tattoo:

Nature has assigned the role of guardian and protector of the family to men. This lion and cub tattoo truly depicts how much concerned and protective you are for your kids and family. It looks great if the artist successfully brings the realistic touch of a wild, jungle environment in it.

Roaring Lion Face:

It’s time to roar! Let the beast sleeping inside you awake and let know everyone how courageous and powerful you are. This is an iconic design and can be as furious as you want. Lion has always been an inspiration for men so, go for it!

Geometric Lion Tattoo:

Can’t stand with the tattoo pain? This geometric style will help you fulfilling both the tattoo desire with significantly less pain as compared to other designs. The artist needs to stretch a few lines without many curves and depths and here you go. A unique, contemporary lion tattoo will beautify your hand or chest in an innovative style.


Places To Get Lion Tattoos

Chest Tattoo:

Chest tattoo is one of the popular ink places among men is quite special as it is close to your heart. It covers a significant area and allows the ink to fall dramatically from the shoulder towards the center. Shaded background can bring life to your chest tattoo.

Sleeve Tattoo

While picking up a lion sleeve tattoo be careful as it needs a sequence of designs to coverup the entire sleeve. And if it goes wrong, will be very much difficult to hide with a new tattoo. You can choose a badass lion tattoo for the sleeve. However, rose is more commonly attached in it, or it may be a colorful wild theme also.

Full Back Tattoo

Your back is a canvas, and if you get a creative tattooist for it, it will definitely become more seductive and bold for the viewers. A dynamic, 3D theme, the full body of a lion, lion chasing its prey, or a roaring lion in the center of the back, all these ideas can be used to adorn your back with an impressive tattoo.

Bicep Tattoo

This tattoo comes in visibility only when you wear a half-sleeve t-shirt otherwise you can hide it with full-sleeve clothing. Biceps tattoo is most often applies to showcase masculinity and strength. Bodybuilders or fitness trainees mainly have biceps tattoo. A roaring lion face is an ideal design for a bicep tattoo.


Pain Factor

It is obvious to get hurt while tattooing but depends upon a few factors such as the amount of detail, tattoo size, and the place receiving the tattoo ink that to what extent it will hurt you.

  • Your back, upper leg, and arms are among the least painful parts for a tattoo because of the amount of underlying fat in these areas.
  • The parts with thin skin hurt the most such as the armpit, rib cage, stomach, and nipples. If you get a tattoo on these areas you must be prepared for a sharp, unbearable pain sensation.

If you are scared to death with the tattoo pain then you surely can’t wear it. If it is your first experience it may slightly be more painful but a true tattooist can make it worth of it.