Top 50 Cool Neck Tattoos For Men

Top 50 Cool Neck Tattoos For Men


Back in the day neck tattoos were considered badass and embracing one’s neck with tattoos mostly taken to portray him as terrorist or con artist. In present time this concept has been abandoned and this invalidation is because of the rapidly increasing popularity of neck tattoos among masses. The current status of Neck tattoos has almost been reciprocated and now they are categorized among the popular niches of tattoo art.

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Why One Should Go with Neck Tattoo?

  • Getting a tattoo is itself enough to represent your vivacious nature but do not forget other aspects while picking up one for your own. The placement matters a lot and it should be an ideal one. When everyone has been done with full chest tattoo for being sexy and biceps tattoo to show his masculinity, what’s the need to follow the trend? Why not be bold enough to have your neck embellished with a neck tattoos for men?
  • The best thing about neck tattoo is that it is not barely visible or obscured like a thigh or rib tattoo. But if you want to leave it unseen at work, you must go with back neck tattoo that can easily be hidden in your shirt collar.
  • The creativity that can easily be done with neck tattoos is also giving a helping hand in raising its fame to higher level. By making use of your neck’s curves the real artist can bring innovations in diversified range.


Neck Tattoos for Men

The tattoo designs are going to talk about your personality traits so whatever you choose, choose wisely. Although being not large enough to cover big designs, a significant collection of tattoo designs has already been eliminated from neck tattoo ideas. Even then one can go artistic in neck tattoos with our considerable collection of neck tattoos.

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Minimal Neck Tattoos

For neck tattoo art small tattoos are the first thing that comes in our mind because of the not-so-big space available for tattooing. However if we search out the small designs we will surely end up with a wide, absorbent range of tattoo ideas.

These minimal tattoos could be of Roman numerals, Zodiac symbol or geometric figures. If you are in relationship and want to get tattoo of such kind you may have paired letter tattoo of your initials or even full name tattoo over your neck’s curve. Arrows are also perfect to opt for neck tattoo for being tattooed with thin, delicate lines. Small neck tattoos always look cute and also good for the first neck tattoo experience.


Floral Neck Tattoos

To represent romanticism flowers have always been the first and best choice of human beings. Particularly the roses never go out of style when one is looking for being traditional and classic at the same time. Roses being the epitome of love and beauty look absolutely great when artistically tattooed on men’s neck. To make the visualization of your neck tattoo highly appealing you may ask the tattooist to add vibrant colors in your floral tattoos.


Bible Verses for Neck Tattoos

Men with spiritual approach in his life or want to make strong ties with his Creator will definitely like the idea of Bible verses for neck tattoos. You may pick up any of the Bible verses which you can easily relate to your life for neck tattoo but try to keep on the précised one. This tattoo type is convenient to place on the back of your neck but majority also prefer for having it over the front of their vocal cords as it looks more meaningful.


Memorial Neck Tattoos

Body art is not less than other ideas to pay honor and tribute to the persons you admire the most. Who says that only a canvas like body part that could be chest, rib or back are the ideal places to have a memorial tattoo. This tattoo can ideally be inked out while using the neck space professionally. For having an excellent neck memorial tattoo you must go with a dedicated quote accompanying with a bird, butterfly or moon to express your feelings for that particular one.


Barcode Neck Tattoos

Barcode tattoo is now gaining acceptance among people for being simple and unique in its way. People having a meaningful set of numerals get a barcode tattoo however there is a another meaning too that is against commercialism.


Crown Neck Tattoos

For men the status of being the ‘King of his empire’ is the most prestigious one. He loves to hear this compliment even though he has been awarded with it. He also wants to show it with his appearance and for that he often gets a Crown tattoo as the manifestation of leader.


Spider Web Tattoo

Spiders have bold meanings associated with them such as wisdom, protection and hunting. Their beautifully designed webs are creative way to represent your life’s struggle and dedication. In spider tattoo the variation can be done with simple spider tattoos to giant spider-web designs.


Skull  Neck Tattoos for men

To remind the end of life and live everyday at its fullest skull tattoos are the ultimate designs to ink out on your neck. There are multiple associations to encircle your skull tattoo giving it an eccentric sight.


Wolf Neck Tattoo

The theme of wolf tattoos on either sides of your neck looks more versatile for men. This wild creature revealing its sharp incisors is flawless match for a men’s neck and grabs everyone’s attention, making you stand out in the crowd. For having an exquisite artwork always approach only a professional tattooist.


Star Tattoo

Star tattoos always make others feel the good vibes in your company. They also motivate one for staying positive even in dark clouds of hopelessness. They direct you towards the right path and assist in seeking spirituality. A Tri-star constellation suits the best on your neck.


Things to Consider

  • The foremost thing is pain while going for a neck tattoo. For tattoos it’s common to experience pain but at neck it hurts a bit more because of thin skin. If this is your first tattoo experience we would not recommend you to have a neck tattoo.
  • If you don’t want your tattoo to fade away quickly then avoid it to have on the back because the use of shampoo can fasten its fading probably.
  • Don’t get a permanent neck tattoo in first time because if your mind got changed earlier it will definitely be a problem to cover or remove it by any means.


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