PHOENIX TATTOOS FOR MEN | Resurrection & Eternity

PHOENIX TATTOOS FOR MEN | Resurrection & Eternity


You all may have heard about Phoenix and the myths associated with it. But do you know what a lot of tattoo ideas this mythical creature offers us to get the ink?

Before we get into the marvelous Phoenix tattoo ideas, here is a brief history of this mythical bird to let you know about what majestic type of tattoo designs we are going to share with you this time.

Mostly these kinds of myths are associated with Greek culture but, Phoenix has some mutual importance in different cultures and myths. It is commonly stated as the bird of the sun, or more precisely fire and the sun are used to represent Phoenix. It is a common belief that this bird upon dying starts burning, called ‘the flames of death’, and from its ashes, a new, baby Phoenix arises.

This whole myth provides us with some real concepts of rebirth, eternity, and immortality.


Meanings Associated

In Chinese culture, people associate Phoenix with virtue, prosperity, and grace.

While the Japanese see it as a symbol of a new start, or to start from scratch.

Some general meanings are:

  • Resurrection
  • Cycle of life
  • New era, or beginning
  • Immortality
  • Eternity
  • Justice
  • Transformation


Phoenix Tattoo Ideas

Now, as you have got the basic idea of the Phoenix bird and its folklore, we will share some aesthetic pieces of ink to reflect the best taste we have got in tattoo art. But before we start just keep in mind that this tattoo will put a sparkle in your eye when we use bright and colorful combinations of ink for the tattoo. If you hesitate from taking vibrant colors then you can also choose black and grey ink but it will not let your tattoo glistening at its fullest.

Phoenix Tattoo on back


Phoenix Tattoo on leg

Let’s dig into the tattoo ideas.

Classic, Traditional Phoenix Tattoo

A typically, conventional Phoenix tattoo can be portrayed like emerging from the ashes. As it symbolizes rebirth or restarts with a new beginning so if you have come from hardships, struggle, or survive any traumatic event then this tattoo will depict your strength and courage and your rising as a wiser and more powerful person.

Traditional Phoenix Tattoo on arm

Traditional Phoenix Tattoo on front arm

Watercolor Phoenix Tattoo

For an incredible, eye-dazzling tattoo, watercolors fulfill the objective impeccably. It serves as an excellent medium for a fantastic look. Your tattoo will look more real and like it is ready to fly away from the skin.

Watercolor Phoenix Tattoo on arm

Watercolor Phoenix Tattoo on leg

Badass Phoenix Tattoo

For an evil, badass look try black, grey, and red colors to finish the complete design. Men and guys often prefer a fierce, badass tattoo for a strong statement so it will work the way. For an intimidating and sexy look, you can get it on the biceps, chest, or back.

Badass Phoenix Tattoo on arm 2

Badass Phoenix Tattoo on arm

Dragon and Phoenix Tattoo

Dragon and Phoenix when drawn together are meant to balance each other’s power. This symbol is driven from Chinese mythology and looks dramatically stunning.

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo

Tribal art is a traditional tattoo style where all the importance is given to the symbols used to create a meaningful tattoo. For you, if Phoenix is not just a bird but tells the story of your life, struggles, and transformation then Tribal art will make it more striking and desirable for others too.

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo

Minimalist Phoenix Tattoo

Minimal tattoos are the choice when the person either having a low-pain threshold or wants a signature and sophisticated tattoo. If you do so, then minimal Phoenix with black outlines will serve you for the purpose.

Minimalist Phoenix Tattoo


Places To Get Phoenix Tattoos

Where this unique mythical creature offers versatility to create with the design, it can also embrace any part of your body with a flawless appeal. Here are those places that worth getting the great Phoenix tattoo.

Phoenix Sleeve Tattoo

Are you bold, expressive, and extrovert? Then here is the tattoo to go with. Whether you choose vibrant or dark shades, this Phoenix tattoo with intense details will make you stand out in the crowd. Though it is a big commitment and you can often showoff your tattoo among people so choose the design wisely.

A full-sleeve tattoo takes time for the ink to settle so be patient. If you have spent time in planning then it’s gonna worth it.

Phoenix Chest Tattoo

Your chest can be an ideal place to get a personal, secret tattoo with rare opportunities to show it off among the people. Definitely, it needs a high pain threshold so go for it only if you can bear the pain. The surface’s ups and downs work effectively to let your tattoo looking more realistic.

In this design, the wings extended up to the shoulders make your tattoo absolutely an art piece.

Phoenix Chest Tattoo

Phoenix Shoulder Tattoo

This area offers the artist to extend his imagination and do some creativity with the tattoo design. Your Phoenix is either swirling up the arm, extending to your chest, or wrapping around the upper arm. In all these ways a magnificent, eye-catching tattoo can be drawn to catch everyone’s attention. Also, it does not hurt much because of the greater amount of muscles present here.

Phoenix Shoulder Tattoo

Phoenix Forearm Tattoo

Don’t want a large tattoo? Or looking for something both impressive and significant enough to notice? A fictional Phoenix can also be used to adorn your forearm beautifully. This area is often visible to the public and you can have a good-looking Phoenix over here.

Phoenix Forearm Tattoo

Phoenix Leg Tattoo

The leg is among the least painful parts for a tattoo needle and offers the bearer choice to flaunt their tattoo elegantly or hide it to keep for a personal view. For a large Phoenix tattoo, thigh, calf, and side-leg are the significant places to get optimum results. Phoenix bird on leg demonstrates your endurance, strength, and dominant nature.

Phoenix Leg Tattoo

Phoenix Back Tattoo

A Phoenix rising from its ashes or flame of deaths will make it a ‘stealing beauty art’ on your back. Although you can only see your back tattoo in the mirror a little bit it allows getting a more illustrative design due to the large space.

Phoenix Back Tattoo

Phoenix Wrist Tattoo

It’s definitely not enough to get a large bird such as Phoenix on the wrist but a minimal Phoenix design will make your wrist more attractive and amazing to look at. Because you use your hand frequently, the tattoo here will easily come in observation and also keep reminding you why you have that. So, the purpose of a meaningful tattoo will be accomplished.

Phoenix Wrist Tattoo