Shoulder tattoos are equally popular among both men and women. Though these tattoos demand to get paired with a sleeveless outfit to catch the sight of people you come to meet yet they are one of the most preferable tats to have. The ideas for shoulder tats designs are handful and here we will give you a pretty extensive range to grab your right option.

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Keep Your Tattoo Personal

Every time getting a tattoo does not hold the same intention of representing your thoughts, personality, feelings, pain or passion to others. Sometimes it is just for you, for your own joy, contentment or motivation or whatever you want to name it. Shoulder tattoo is perfect to satisfy this concept of personalization where you allow only a single person to witness your tattoo and that is YOU.

It is also convenient to keep your shoulder tattoo hidden at workplace even with short sleeved t-shirts.


Get the Hot Guy Look

If you have love for shoulder tattoo but want to keep it at display the same time then what you should do? Although for women it is not very much difficult to make their shoulder tattoo visible for others. Rather they have multiple great ideas to style their outfit by keeping a significant place open to show off their tattoos.

For men this opportunity comes with only two options. Either men wear a tank top shirt or go half-naked. Yes dude, you got me, I am saying go shirtless. This bold way to disclose your shoulder tattoo will give you a sexier look for Summer beach party. There is no other way to visualize your shoulder tattoo by others so if you are thinking to get inked for shoulder tattoo keep this aspect in your mind to not regret the tattoo later. But what I think is that this hot look won’t resist you more to get a shoulder tattoo.


Flexibility Gives You More Choices

The great advantage that comes with shoulder tattoo is the variety of shapes in which it offers you to get tattooed. Its multifaceted nature makes possible to get an excellent collaboration of shoulder tattoo with chest, neck, back or arm tattoo. These multiple possibilities help in elaborating your shoulder tattoo and transform it into a large-sized masterpiece. This versatility of shoulder tattoo is the result of cylindrical curve shape of shoulder part which provides the opportunity to extend it in your desired direction. In this way a large tattoo design can also be etched stretching from your shoulder to front, back, up or down.


Ideas for Shoulder Tattoo

When we look upon the dynamics of shoulder it provides us a huge collection of tattoo ideas to put the ink. From a small star tattoo to big tribal designs all can be done by making the most of its curves, ups and downs. We have gathered all possible designs for men shoulder tattoo so you may go through them to find your perfect choice.


Crown Tattoo

Having a small tattoo for shoulder isn’t difficult and crown is an ideal design for this purpose. Ruling an empire is naturally ascribed with man who has control over his feelings, actions and thoughts. With this authority of thrown crown tattoo at shoulder will never go wrong.


Animal Tattoo

There are various animals look awesome for a shoulder tattoo of men. Here are the major ones for you.

  • Lion Tattoo

Lion with the possession of Kingship is the most suitable animal for men tattoo. Men with royal traits surely have love for lion tattoo. It also symbolizes the masculinity, power and strength when put on shoulder. If you have a noble personality endowed with the elements of leadership, nothing but a lion shoulder tattoo is ideal for you.

  • Dragon Tattoo

Dragon is among the most popular designs for shoulder tattoo. This fearsome creature is meant for protection and independence and man being the head of family owns this status. If you are a family oriented man you may go with this dragon tattoo to reveal such characteristics of shielding and care.

  • Wolf Tattoo

Like the above two Wolf tattoo also depicts the meaning of power and strength. With the reference of fiction wolf has been assigned with the status of bad guys however this creature with terrifying looks is not that much evil. Myth says so that they are loyal to their family. So you may link wolf tattoo with love and loyalty towards the family.

For shoulder tattoo it’s better to get the ink of facial features of these animals.


Bird Tattoo

Same as animal tattoos we have different categories of birds to have them as a shoulder tattoo.

  • Eagle Tattoo

Eagle has always been remained an inspiration for high achievers. The meaning often associated with eagle is of wisdom, focus and courage. That’s why getting an eagle shoulder tattoo always look great for men. Power and authority are another attributes of eagle tattoo.

  • Dove Tattoo

Being a representative of peace and faith Dove has a significant status in many cultures. Men with an idea of taking a fresh start in his life with ignorance to past mistakes can also get this dove tattoo. Stay simple, stay calm.


Tribal Tattoo

If you are inclined towards ancient cultural theme then tribal art is the right choice for shoulder tattoo. Although it requires large spaces but you may get it completed by using the back or chest portion. Tribal art is mostly done with blank ink to add a classic look.


3D Spider-Web Tattoo

The rounded cap of shoulder is great for having a 3D design and helps in intense elevation to give a more real look. The web design with 3D theme looks incredibly awesome on shoulder.


Angel Wings Tattoo

At first sight Angel wings tattoo gives meaning of remembering loved-one however when placed on shoulder actually interprets self-reliance and freedom. It also represents one’s faith and wisdom.


Armor Tattoo

Armor tattoo stands for warriors and symbolizes strength and heroism. Physically individuals wear it for defense purpose while its tattoo represents that one is strong enough to withstand the toughest and tragic situations. This design covers the shoulder and chest part with detailed artwork.


Geometric Tattoo

Geometric tattoo is a smart way to go with delicacy in body art. Whatever design you want you may have it as geometric tattoo. Usually they symbolize stability, intelligence and mystery.


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