Skull tattoos for men with their divine meanings.

Skull tattoos for men with their divine meanings.

Skull tattoos for men with their divine meanings.

What is skull tattoo?

Skull tattoo the symbol of death and mortality. Popular among people throughout the generations due to its bold and aesthetic meaning. Skulls not only shows the pain and dark future it can also have optimistic ideas, as these die-hard symbols will let you live your life by overcoming fears. Ancient human societies considered the meaning of skull as a great change in their life.

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 Meaning of skull tattoos

They have different meanings according to the design. Remain with us for complete understanding of these tattoos. We categorize them by following design and ideas.

Types of skull tattoos according to their designs.

  • Sugar skull tattoo
  • Bull skull
  • Celtic skull
  • Cross-bones skull
  • Death’s head
  • Skull Leaves Tattoo
  • Serpent skull tattoo

Before digging deep about the meaning and ideas. These tattoos are famous in both men and women. You can check different tattoos ideas for men here.


Let dive in details for these skull tattoos ideas and their meaning.

  • Sugar skull tattoos

Sugar skulls or candy skulls normally made in Mexican culture at the day of dead in the honor of dead person. This type of candy skull tattoos are very eye catching in colors as they are made of different colors. Women’s in general like these tattoos a lot.

  • Bull skull tattoos

As the name suggest, bull symbol of strength and power people of unites states from texas loves to ride the bull and this activity shows their courage and strength.

  • Celtic skull tattoos

People of Celtic culture believes that soul lies in the skull which is most important part of human being as this skull tattoo design shows that skull is source of great intelligence and power.

  • Cross bone skull tattoos

In the middle ages people use cross bone skull as a sign of death they also used them in there flags of ships to show their ferocity just like pirates. In modern era, it uses as a sign of danger or hazard symbol. This sign is also used somewhere in military uniforms.

  • Death’s head tattoos

Skull symbolism shows the human skull without lower jaw. Most common symbolic use of skull is the representation of death, mortality and the unachievable nature of immortality.

  • Skull leaves tattoos

People get this type of tattoo on their arms, which shows they live according to their own rules and have their own paths to follow.

  • Serpent skull tattoos

This tattoo design consist of two parts a skull and snake. This tattoo also display the meaning of death and snake symbolizes secrecy and knowledge.


skull tattoos for men

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skull tattoos for men

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