Here is the high time to put some ink that make you fall in love with you. There is no way better
to express the real you other than body art. Making a right choice is absolutely necessary to hit
the boundaries and make some change or otherwise you will end up with nothing.
The fame of tattoos has been grown by leaps and bounds over recent years and now everyone is
just getting crazy over it because of the worldwide acceptance. Right now we have some fresh
and lovable designs for sleeve tattoos which will surely give you the one you were persistently
looking for.
Before we start with our sleeve tattoo designs’ gallery let’s have a look on few exceptions so
later you won’t come up with any regret.

Will it Question Your Credibility?

Since the tattoos were primarily recognized as an identity of criminals that’s why, were always
underrated in major parts of the world. Later this conception started to fade away and individuals
were founded get going with tattoos of any size. Here the foremost thing to look after was how to
hide them at their jobs? Though the tattoos were getting popular but they were misjudged as a
person for being unprofessional.

This case becomes more severe when you have a desire of sleeve tattoo. Although many
countries have been uplifted the restrictions for getting tattooed yet certain limitations are
applied in preferred body parts.

  • Full sleeve tattoo can only be concealed with shirt of long sleeves covering upto the wrist.
  • Having a half sleeve tattoo comparatively easier to keep hidden.
  • If your workwear is half-sleeved, you can’t get a big enough sleeve tattoo.

There is no intention of de-motivating you but these are the facts. If your job demands ‘no visible
tattoo’ then you must be aware of how to cover your tattoo sleeve that’s all we meant to say.

Investment of Time and Money:

Before you sit on the chair don’t forget to figure out the repercussions of full sleeve tattoo. It is
utterly needed to ask your tattoo artist for a session before working to discuss about the things
you may have concerns. Yes, a full sleeve tattoo will definitely require long, multiple sittings
whereas the cost may vary from number of hours/sittings and design. Then also a full coverage

will take more time to get healed again depending on how your body reacts. So it’s better to have
an outline before you go ahead.

Let’s get ready to discover some incredible ink ideas for your sleeve.

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Go with the trend:

Tribal design is among few of those that always found at the top of list when it comes to men
tattoos. Its solid black ink plays a vital role in developing some intricate yet strong features on
your sleeve. Tattoos should be worth applauding and tribal ink let them going that way so your
tattoo will be at full swing of its visibility. This art is perfect to etch on masculine sleeves and
can be stretched over the chest to cover the desirable theme.

Space Tattoo

A wholesome image of space where an astronaut is freely moving around the asteroid belt is an
astonishing picture for sleeve tattoo. This design is more absorbent when illustrate with radiant
colors and best for the admirers of astronomy. I assure it will pay you off for the time and

Play with Illusions:

Optical illusion shows optimum work with monochrome ink and draws the attention of every
viewer. The solid geometric patterns encircling your sleeve are extraordinarily impressive and
present a breathtaking mobile art piece.

Want something scary?

This design won’t let people to take their eyes off your tattoo. The striking red blood dropping
from the roses can paint some devilish act. This wild, vampire theme tattoo is the real
masterpiece for toned biceps.

Good Boy or Bad Boy?

Either you have love for mysticism or beast we are catering you everywhere with our creative
Angels are no doubt the most divine pictures of pure and innocent souls. Their impeccable
features are interpreters of love and affection for everyone. They look pretty attractive and can be
the righteous choice for a decent sleeve tattoo.
Hey! Are you an admirer of ‘Beauty and the beast’? We have praiseworthy designs for your
badass tattoo sleeve as well. For both fierceness and beauty lying on your sleeve a wolf tattoo is

an unmistakable idea for the reason. This creature possesses a terrifying features but deep down
it is known for its calmness, care and intelligence. The dark grey ink will help to elevate the

Clock and eye

Time won’t always be the same and this timepiece will remind you the fact and motivate you to
learn from the past mistakes. The eye is to teach you that keep focus on your goals and it will
ultimately lead you to the destination for which you were struggling since years. Pairing this idea
with 3D style and contrasting colors makes the tattoo simply mind-blowing.

Family Tattoo

Having a family isn’t less than a blessing and we must be grateful for being lucky to have them.
They deserve true affection and care from you. A family tattoo helps you to keep them with you
wherever you go. A realistic picture of holding hands together is just awesome for a heart-
warming tattoo.

Water color

To cheer the happy colors of life watercolor tattoo suits the best. You are free to apply this idea
with multiple options. The infinite possibilities have made it a timeless design and this vivid
piece can be illustrated as much as you want.

Blackout Sleeve

This monochromatic tattoo sleeve is setting a new trend and everyone is just obsessed with its
bold captivating look. As always the black ink is taken as an everlasting color for body art hence
prevailing rapidly among men for its particular deep meanings. You may also leave negative
spaces in-between to create a perfect artwork but mind it a blackout sleeve asks for true
commitment as it’s going to stay with you for the rest of life.

Vintage Sketch

This classic tattoo portraying a night street view takes us back to old days. A dark, silent night
possessing the secrets of all presents a sensational image. This view is easy to paint using the 360
degree angle of your arm.