When you get a tattoo for the first time or even after multiple times you will see it peeling off in scabs or white dead skin shedding off steadily and progressively. As it looks quite horrifying and you might get cautious and scared and start thinking what is happening to your skin and if its an adverse reaction or something? Before you get more worked up and worried you need to know the specifics of what you should expect after getting inked. So no need to freak out and run around like a madman because we have got you covered with all the necessary information and all the do’s and don’ts that you need take care off after getting a tattoo to make sure it heals completely and healthily.


Before getting into what to do and what not to do you need to know that it is completely normal for your skin to shed off after getting a tattoo. And why is that? When you get a tattoo done it requires needle and ink which penetrate both the upper and middle layers of the skin. A tattoo artist basically creates a wound in your skin and like any other injury your body’s physiological response is to heal this wound. In this process the older worn out cells are shed off so that the newer ones can be rejuvenated.
This peeling usually starts by the end of the first week of getting a tattoo and you need to take care of it properly because it is quite prone to infection especially in the first two weeks.


When I say it peels, then I mean it in the literal means. It is obviously not a wonderful site but as it will go away in some time and you will be able to enjoy your tattoo so its not that big of a deal. Now lets come to, what to expect in the first two weeks after getting inked. Following are some of the common signs that might appear in the healing process:
⦁ Redness or pinkish skin at the site of tattoo but it is not widespread like a rash
⦁ Mild inflammation around the tattooed area
⦁ Mild itchiness
⦁ Shedding of skin
These are the normal and “not to worry about” signs that you may experience but you need to look out for following unusual signs as well and if you happen to see some or one of these you might as well consult your doctor, as they indicate your tattoo is not healing correctly. These signs are:
⦁ Rashes – eczema, rosacea, psoriasis (it may be due to an allergic reaction to tattoo ink)
⦁ Swelling and inflammation
⦁ Unbearable itchiness (may be due to an infection, allergic reaction, or inflammation)
⦁ Oozing pus accompanied with fever and chills
⦁ Scars


To ensure your tattoo heals properly and completely you need to take care of it like your first born child. Following are listed the do’s and don’ts that you need to be mindful of.


1. Listen To Your Artist: After the artist has done the tattoo he/she will bandage it up with a sterile absorbing pad. The artist will also advise you on how and when to take it off and clean the tattoo at home. Some people do have allergy to specific bandage adhesives so make sure you let your artist know about it if you have such situation.
2. Keep It Clean: It is critical to keep your tattooed area and the area around it clean because during the healing process you are more prone to contact an infection. Use a mild antibacterial soap for this purpose or use ones which are specifically made for tattoo aftercare.
3. Moisturize: Moisturizing is extremely important as it not only helps relieve the itching and soothe down the inflammation but it also assists the healing process. Apply an anti-inflammatory balm or soothing gel on the site or you can also use pain-relieving gels and creams relief. Using anesthetic sprays can also help in reducing pain.
4. Let Your Skin Breathe: Exposing your tattoo to air helps fasten the healing process.
5. Wear Loose Fitting Clothes: It is important to wear light loose fitting clothing and make sure the fabric is non-irritating and does not press tightly against the tattoo. This will prevent any rashes and itching.
6. Must Wear Sun-screen: Avoid going out in the sun for the first few days after getting a tattoo but if its necessary then make sure you wear a hefty amount of sunscreen and reapply after every few hours.


1. Don’t Remove Your Bandage The Very Next Day: Curiosity kills the cat! You must’ve heard this phrase at some point in your life so, do not make it true in your scenario. It is understandable that you would be curious to know what your tattoo looks like but don’t take off the bandage sooner than you’re told by your artist. Because the bandage serves to absorb blood and ink and acts as a protective barrier against agents that might cause infection or other adverse reactions.
2. Don’t Go Near Hot Water Or Steam: As your skin becomes sensitive after experiencing piercing needles and ink it can easily burn and get irritated on exposure to hot water and steam. Hot water and steam also open the pores making the skin more liable for infections. So, it is better to use lukewarm water to clean the tattooed area.
3. Don’t Pick On The Scabs: I repeat DO NOT PICK ON THE SCABS! Besides from it being a terrible habit it is also very damaging to your skin. Remember your tattoo is an open wound and needs its time to heal, picking on it will only make it worse and can also result in the transfer of bacteria from your hands. Let them shed off on their own or gently wash them off in the shower.
4. Limit Your Sun Exposure: As mentioned earlier go in the sun when there is no other option. And tanning and going to the beach is completely out of question. Whenever you need to go outside in the first few days after getting the tattoo make sure to wear a tattoo specific sunscreen to protect it from sun damage.
5. Avoid Sweating Too Much: Keeping the tattooed area dry is very important as wet tattoos are more prone to infections and also do not heal properly. So make sure you avoid physical exertion for a few days.


Absolutely not. The peeling of tattoo does sound scary but remember, its just a phase and will go away without any difficulties if you take the above advice into consideration. So if you want to get a tattoo just go for it and wear it with pride and joy.