Tattoos: Why We Can’t resist the Needle

Tattoos are popular, and people get them from all over the world. However, tattoos aren’t as socially acceptable as they once were, and getting one can be risky. Is it still worth it? Are there any other reasons why we just can’t resist the needle?

The adrenaline rush

Some people might call tattoos vanity pieces. That’s not really an accurate description—even though many people get them for appearance reasons, others report getting them because they have personal significance or symbolism. But even if you fall into a category that doesn’t match those stated above, you may still enjoy it when adrenaline rushes through your body, meaning you are looking for more than just aesthetics. Whether or not you feel adrenaline with each tattoo is different and can depend on several factors including how much pain tolerance you have; some people don’t feel any adrenaline while others describe it as one of their favorite parts of getting inked.

It’s personal

Getting a tattoo is a very personal thing. It’s no accident that most people opt for tattoos of things that are meaningful to them; in fact, more than 50% of surveyed individuals who got at least one tattoo say they chose what they wanted because it had special meaning to them. A study also found that tattoos can serve as a way for people to express their emotions.

They’re bigger than you think

Tattooing is a $2 billion-plus business, according to IBISWorld, and an industry that is growing at an annual rate of 5.1 percent. Tattooed people — millennials in particular — have been flocking to parlors for years now. A recent Harris poll found that 39 percent of Americans ages 18 to 33 have tattoos. And those figures don’t even include people who have removed or covered up their tattoos with something new or different! So what’s behind all these new tats?

The power of design

For many, tattoos are more than just ink and skin. They’re expressions of artistry and style, and a way to show off one’s personality—even if that personality is a bit on the edge. A professional tattoo artist knows how to use bold colors, shapes, and even imagery to create striking designs. And once you’ve gone under their needle? You’re likely hooked for life (or at least as long as your tattoo lasts). Professional artists can help you find your next great work of body art; just remember to treat it with care.

Just start somewhere!

If you’re looking for a tattoo that means something to you, or if you just want to begin from scratch and draw your own original piece, here are some things to keep in mind. First off, choose a design that is big enough to work with. If your tattoo doesn’t make sense on a large scale (like a quote across your whole back), it’s probably not worth doing at all. If you do choose an existing saying or quote, think about how much of it you want translated onto your body. It may be tempting to fill every inch of skin with meaningful words and images, but these will likely end up crowding each other out in terms of importance.

Best locations on your body

It’s not just in your head. When it comes to receiving tattoos, where you place them makes a difference. People who get tattooed on their arms or hands tend to feel regret much sooner than people who choose a more inconspicuous spot like the wrist or ankle. Be sure that what you’re getting is truly an expression of you, because while a tattoo can easily be covered up with clothing or makeup, it’s hard to hide one that sits prominently on your bicep. But if you’re looking for a unique way to share your stories, look no further than sleeve tattoos.

More than skin deep

Tattoos can seem like an impulse decision, but if you think about it, getting a tattoo is like taking a vow of commitment to yourself and your body. If you don’t love tattoos, you’re not going to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on having one permanently inked into your skin. Or at least I hope not. This is why we have a significant relationship with our tattoos—they are representative of something we believe in or stand for. After all, many people won’t get tattooed unless they truly believe their design will have meaning to them forever. Let’s look at some other reasons why we can’t stop getting tattoos: It feels good!