The Hidden Meaning Behind Parents’ Tattoos of Their Children’s Names

You might have noticed that many parents nowadays get tattoos of their children’s names, and if you’re looking to do the same thing, you may wonder why so many people opt to get this kind of tattoo instead of something else. While it’s true that these tattoos are often less creative and visually pleasing than other options, the real reason that parents get these tats has more to do with sentimentality than anything else. After all, there’s nothing more permanent or sentimental than ink on your skin forever!

What Do They Mean?

It’s clear from parents having their children’s names permanently inked on their bodies that kids mean a lot to them. But tattoos can represent more than just your child – they are also about you and what you stand for. For instance, you might have your spouse’s name tattooed on your arm so that every time you look at it, you think of them. Similarly, getting your children’s names tattooed may be a way to remember those special early years in case tragedy strikes down the road; a heart-wrenching reminder not to take anything for granted. After all, there are no guarantees in life!

And Why Would You Want One?

For many, tattoos are a symbol of rebellion. While that might be true for some, most parents who get tattoos inked on their bodies include their children’s names. What do parents want to tell us when they get a tattoo? And what does it say about how they view their role as a parent?

When Should I Get A Baby Name Tattoo?

Considering a tattoo is permanent and that sometimes you don’t know if your son or daughter will turn out to be as you expected, many parents think twice about whether it’s worth it to get their child’s name permanently inked on their skin. However, there are always some reasons to get your child’s name tattooed on you. To help make up your mind, we listed here some answers to questions many people ask when they think about getting a tattoo for baby names: When should I get a baby name tattoo? How do I choose one of my child’s names? Should I go with my child’s first name or middle name? Which is better: initials or full names?

How Do I Choose My Design?

Choosing a tattoo design can be a painstaking process. Do you want a meaningful phrase or quote? A popular Bible verse? An intricate and detailed piece of artwork, or perhaps something more minimalistic and simple? With so many options to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? There are no wrong answers here—only what works best for you! Asking yourself some key questions will help. For example: Why am I getting a tattoo in general? Where on my body would I like it to go? How big or small should it be (in relation to my body)? What do I want it to look like? How important is color choice (to me)? Are there any people that would disapprove of tattoos at all?

Where Should I Get a Baby Name Tattoo?

If you’re already committed to getting a tattoo, but aren’t sure where, consider one that commemorates your child. Many new parents get tattoos of their children’s names somewhere on their bodies as a way to mark them permanently with love. If you choose to get an I love mommy or I love daddy tattoo (depending on your familial relationship) make sure that it isn’t easily visible—some may not appreciate such a permanent statement. Tattoo artists agree that hearts and religious symbols are popular choices for baby name tattoos.

What Are Some Example Designs?

Sometimes parents choose to get small designs as a way to signify their children and/or give them some kind of power or protection. For example, a mom who’s had a child die may get a small, heart-shaped tattoo with her child’s name on it; dads are sometimes known to get tattoos with their children’s names spelled out, or with symbols that represent their kids like stars. A design like that might also be incorporated into another tattoo—like if a mom gets a piece about protection for herself and adds her kids’ names inside it.

Can I Change My Mind LATER?

Not only is it hard to find good tattoo artists, but you’ll want to make sure that you can change your mind on where to place a tattoo. This can be really important if you want to be able to wear a certain dress at some point in your life. For example, getting Mom tattooed on your arm might not look so great with your new sleeve that covers most of your arm. If you have artistic friends or family members, ask them what they think of different placement ideas! The better-looking it looks now, and in 5 years when I’m 50 pounds heavier, means my tat isn’t going anywhere!