The Mysterious Meaning of Teardrop Tattoos

The teardrop tattoo has been used in cultures around the world to symbolize many different things. But what exactly does it mean when someone has this tattoo? In this article, we’ll explore the possible meanings of this unique tattoo.

What do teardrop tattoos mean?

Many people want to know what do teardrop tattoos mean? While there are a lot of different reasons why someone would choose to get a teardrop tattoo, there’s one thing that is certain – it will always be a representation of an important part of their life. For example, if you lose a loved one and you choose to get a teardrop tattoo, it will serve as your way to remember that person. But even if someone doesn’t have such an occasion as losing a loved one, they may still decide on getting a teardrop tattoo. Some examples include: getting inked after overcoming depression or being injured.

Are they gang related?

Each culture has a different meaning for teardrop tattoos, so first you should determine whether or not your loved one has it as a part of their personal style, or if they have it to represent something more significant. For example, teardrops in Latino culture typically mean that someone was murdered (this is true for all Latin cultures). In some cases, people get them as reminders. While some individuals with teardrops are trying to forget about violence in their lives and protect themselves from future harm, others use them to honor friends who have died in gang-related activity.

How do you get a drop tattoo?

A teardrop tattoo, which is also known as a tearduct tattoo, represents grief or tragedy. Although they are frequently associated with prison culture, they have their roots in ancient times when men and women would pierce their cheeks and lower eyelids to honor their family members who were killed in battle. This allowed them to weep openly without shame for their loss. In modern day culture, most often you will see drop tattoos being worn by individuals who have lost loved ones or close friends due to violence. You might also spot a tear drop on someone who has overcome significant trauma in their life; such as child abuse or domestic violence. A small drop can represent grief while an elongated tear can represent deep sadness and depression from these types of tragic events.

Where do they hurt most?

The teardrop tattoo is often meant to commemorate a lost love, but their meaning can vary widely. Some people believe that receiving one of these tattoos means that you’ve murdered someone and served your time in prison. That’s quite a leap from commemorating a lost loved one. Others think it is just another body modification for those who like pain. If you receive a teardrop tattoo, be prepared to have random strangers ask about its significance, so don’t get one if you don’t want to talk about it with people who mean nothing to you.

Where can I get a drop tattoo?

Like most tattoos, you can get a teardrop tattoo at a tattoo parlor. However, it’s not necessarily as easy to find artists that specialize in teardrops. You can also try doing an internet search for tattoo shops near me, which will bring up results by city or zip code. Once you’ve found some likely candidates, call and ask if they do them and how much it costs. If you’re looking to save money or have a friend with a set of tattoo tools, you could also consider getting one done yourself. It might be difficult to master depending on your artistic skill level—but nothing is impossible!

Myths and stories about tear drops.

Tear drop tattoos have long been symbols of mourning, but why? Theories range from prisons (where tear drops referred to a prisoner’s death sentence) to sailors’ wives (who wore them to commemorate lost loved ones). Whatever their meaning, teardrops still have weight in popular culture. Think Lenny Kravitz’s Lady tattoo or Angelina Jolie’s well-publicized tear drop tribute to her deceased brother, James Haven. In modern-day society, teardrops are more commonly worn by non-mourners as decorative pieces that symbolize life and/or love and friendship.