The Tattoos that Reveal the Most About a Person

Most people think that tattoos only reveal the personality of the person getting them, but nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that tattoos can give you insight into what kind of person you’re dealing with, whether it’s in your personal life or in your professional life, if the business person you are dealing with has visible tattoos. Here are 5 tattoo trends that will provide insight into who you’re dealing with at any given time and place.


One of my favorite body art discoveries was learning about how names are incorporated into tattoos. While I’m not a big fan of full name tattoos (unless you’re trying to honor someone who passed away), I do like using your name in more subtle ways. For example, if you have your initials as well as someone else’s, it might be meaningful without being too obvious. Or if you and your spouse/significant other have each other’s initials tattooed somewhere, it can be a subtle sign of affection without being too creepy. Name tattoos also provide meaning for others—seeing them makes people curious about what they mean. Rather than explaining again and again when you bump into acquaintances, just show them!

Symbols and objects

Logos, symbols and objects can serve as a wonderful complement to personal tattoos. From music notes to Chinese symbols and emojis, these statements are powerful declarations of interests or passions. Words or quotes: If you’re looking for something with more longevity, words or quotes can be ideal. An inspirational quote tattooed on your arm is something you’ll look at every day—and it can be a valuable reminder of who you are and what matters most in life.


Researchers have found that for some, tattoos are more than just decoration – they’re like personal hieroglyphics. The designs, colors and placement of tattoos on your body can reveal a lot about your personality and outlook on life. Some may even say it tells you exactly who you are… or at least who you want to be. Psychologists might call it stereotyping; however, there is truth behind many stereotypes when it comes to body art and behavior.


What is it about dates that makes people want to get them tattooed? Perhaps it’s because of their ties to nostalgia. Or maybe it’s because dating is such an important part of life, or perhaps because tattoos in general have increasingly become more acceptable, tattoos with personal meaning are becoming more popular as well. In any case, whether you see dates as meaningful or meaningless or something in between, they often say a lot about you and those around you.


If you’re looking for something on your body to reflect your emotions, consider inking words or script. It’s not just for speech therapists anymore! The most common phrase tattoos include love, freedom, and live without regrets. If you have trouble articulating things verbally, writing it out on your skin can be cathartic.

Geometric shapes and designs

It’s tempting to think of tattoos as an exercise in self-expression, but many tattoos are actually about hiding things. Geometric shapes and designs make for a quick way to hide old scars or reminders of lost loved ones—or just about anything else you might want to hide. These are what’s known as secret tattoos, and they can also come in handy if you don’t want certain people looking at certain parts of your body.


A fun fact about tattoos is that tattooing has been around for over 5000 years. According to National Geographic, Egyptian pharaohs got them, so did Mayan warriors and Pacific Islanders. Sailors got them as protection; one intrepid explorer had an anchor etched on his back during his first trip to sea.