Top 5 Tattoos That Are Illegal in 2022

Tattoos are trendy now and it seems like every other person you meet has one or two. But just because tattoos are becoming mainstream doesn’t mean that they’re legal everywhere in the United States. In fact, some of the body modifications you can get done may be illegal in your state or even in your city. If you live in Wyoming and want to get a tattoo of the state flower, the Rocky Mountain Columbine, you better go somewhere else to do it—that kind of tattoo is illegal there!

1) Don’t get a swastika tattoo

It’s hard to believe that Nazi Germany only existed from 1933-1945, but considering it was one of history’s most brutal regimes, it’s not surprising that many things associated with Nazism remain taboo. And though symbols like a swastika can be found all over tattoos, body art enthusiasts beware: That little design could land you on an FBI watch list and facing several years in prison by 2022.

2) Don’t get the name of any blacklisted person tattooed on you

This is a no-brainer. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo of Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi, think again. You can get yourself into trouble by sporting tattoos of historical personalities. There have been cases where people with such tattoos have ended up in jail or even pay hefty fines to escape legal hassle. For example, 10 years ago, an English gentleman was barred from entering India after he sported a tattoo of Gandhi on his right arm while at a trip to Jaipur.

3) Don’t get the numbers 88 or 14 written anywhere on your body

Fourteen and eighty-eight are numbers that use similar shapes, and look remarkably like one another. Although these number combinations aren’t considered to be hate symbols per se, they can still be misconstrued as hate symbols by authorities in some jurisdictions. In particular, fourteen is a common symbol of white supremacy. This combination of numbers looks very similar to 88—the abbreviation for Heil Hitler and common shorthand for the phrase.

4) Don’t get a kitten with blood dripping from its mouth tattooed on you

While we love animals, there are certain ones that have been outlawed by government bodies. In 2022, it’s against law to get a tattoo of any kind of feline with blood dripping from its mouth (dogs and butterflies are allowed). This is just one of many new laws set to go into effect.

5) Try something new and meaningful instead of cliché symbols

In an age where we’re all expected to have some type of tattoo, it seems like too many people rely on one-size-fits-all clichés. But there are dozens of meaningful designs and words to choose from! If you want a tattoo, but don’t know what exactly you want (or can’t afford a custom piece), search online for your favorite quotes or sayings and look into lettering as a design—it could be just what you need.