Wrist Tattoos for men

Wrist Tattoos for men

wrist tattoos for men

Let’s talk about the most common and popular type of tattoo, that is the cool wrist tattoos for men! Following is the complete guideline about wrist tattoos and what one should be mindful about, before getting one tattoo for men.

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Why wrist Tattoos?

Usually people, especially men get the tattoos to remind them something of great importance or which is closer to their hearts. It can be a symbol tattoo, word tattoo, the name tattoo of their loved ones or of tattoo of something that evokes them to stay strong and be manly in times one finds it hard to do so.

Also in situations where you don’t want others to see your tattoos prove to be pretty easy to conceal. Just wear long sleeved shirt or anything similar and even hiding it by applying makeup becomes easy as this body spot is greatly convenient to work on.

Types of wrist Tattoos:

Generally there are two types of wrist tattoos for men:

  1. Inner tattoo for men
  2. Outer tattoo for men

Here comes the personal preference of choosing between thees two type of tattoo, but extremely desirable ones are the inner wrist tattoos because the inner wrist tattoo is the natural ideal place for getting a tattoo that is of more significance to you and one can easily show off or hide the tattoo because of the low visibility factor of the inner wrist tattoo.

Pain associated with wrist tattoos:

It doesn’t matter where and when, but if you get a tattoo you will experience the similar pain as of a normal human does and the rest is up to your ability to tolerate pain. However the inner wrist tattoos for men  or  tattoos on arm hurts a little more than the outer wrist tattoo one because of the delicacy and sensitivity of inner skin but due to the small skin area of wrist the pain will go away in a matter of days. It Also doesn’t reflect that the outer wrist tattoo would not hurt at all.

Around the wrist area are many major blood veins, luckily it’s not of a big concern as the needle used to ink the tattoo does not penetrate deep enough to puncture the veins. So, the bleeding is ideal to that of getting tattoos on other body parts making it safe to get a wrist tattoo.

Range and types of wrist tattoos:

When it comes to the small area of wrist the most important thing is to consider what that tattoo will look like and the size of it when it’s tattooed.

Popular picked up tattoos are words and one can choose the desirable font for it. Other great tattoo suggestions that men should get includes  guitar tattoo, Clock tattoo, Bird tattoo or their favorite spirit animal tattoo, Sword tattoo, Heartbeat tattoo, Barcode tattoo, Ying yang symbol tattoo and many more like these  tattoos which leaves  a cool impression on a  man’s persona depending upon the tattoo he chooses.

Small wrist tattoo

Men’s wrist is amongst the thinner tattoo positions. It requires less ink. Additionally, a little tattoo will probably be faster for professionals to complete, which means that you won’t have to suffer too much stress on your wrist. Many individuals want meaningful tattoos on their wrist since they are visible at any moment. Some tattoo ideas hold the initials of a loved one, one’s favorite quote tattoo from a movie or song lyric tattoo, or spiritual symbols such as the cross tattoo, or even numbers tattoo on their wrist.


roman numerals tattoo

Roman numerals tattoos

Simple wrist tattoo

Just like a wrist that is a small part of the body, a simple wrist tattoo can reduce the pain and discomfort also is a lot quicker to get a tattoo. Popular options for those tattoos come in geometric shapes like squares and triangles. These inkings bold angles and lines are minimalist and masculine, which makes them perfect for your tattoo.



Rose tattoo

Roses tattoo design is ancient dates back into a sailor tattoo days. In those days, men get inked tattoos, which remind them of happiness and love. Rose tattoo indicates beauty, while its thorns show pain and grief. A man usually gets a rose tattoo on the wrist if he likes traditional tattoos which have a specific meaning.



Beautiful black inked henna tattoo style.

Infinity tattoo ama apa (mom dad in nepali language)

Wrist scripts by Ryan “loyalty” is healed, “respect” is fresh

Solar signature tattoos for men

Simplicity but Perfect!❤️

couple tattoos

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Sun and Moon couple tattoos