You Won’t Believe How Much Awesome You Can Get for $100 or Less

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, it may be difficult to figure out how much money you want to spend on it. After all, with so many different sizes, styles, and techniques out there, it can be hard to decide what you really want and what you can actually afford. The great news is that there are plenty of options available if you’re looking for something high-quality but low-cost. These three tattoos will look stunning on your body and won’t cost more than $100 each!

Tattoos in black and white

When you’re looking to get an affordable tattoo, consider black and white artwork. Black is associated with sophistication and sophistication is known to be a high-status symbol. For example, many celebrities like Jay Z and Rihanna sport black tattoos—and they’re considered high status. In addition, people associate black ink with masculinity, strength, and aggression—which are also all masculine status symbols (at least in western culture). When a woman wears a black tattoo she exudes femininity; when a man wears it he comes across as masculine and strong. Whether it’s for fashion or social signaling there’s no denying that wearing a black tattoo helps you come across as more stylish than if you wore color ink instead.

Tattoos with symbols

A tattoo is a great way to commemorate a loved one who has passed, to support a cause you care about, or just because. While tattoos are expensive, there are ways to save money. Getting your tattoo on your upper body will be cheaper than getting it on your arms, neck and legs—and will hurt less. And if you’re willing to get more than one tattoo that covers several inches of space and incorporates a lot of detail (like animals, symbols and images), then you can always ask if they’ll discount their price.

Tattoos on the feet

Although they’re not nearly as visible, you can still get great tattoos on your feet. These are a bit more of an investment, but it’s well worth it if you’re looking to get a unique and relatively affordable tattoo. Because you can put your foot down most of the time, getting a design on your foot will probably take less time than it would take to get that same design on another part of your body. And because you wear shoes every day, it’ll have plenty of time to heal before anyone notices it (if they notice at all).

Tattoos on the ribs

Skin just behind your ribs may look scary and painful, but it’s surprisingly one of the most common areas to get a tattoo. It’s well-hidden (even in dresses) and doesn’t hurt nearly as much as you’d think. Tattoos on bones: Bones are mostly bone; they’re also soft, squishy, and flexible. This makes them easy to work with when getting tattooed.

Tattoos on the wrist

Wrist tattoos are so hot right now. Artists are in high demand to ink these little pieces of art, and as such, they charge premium prices to ink your skin. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on an expensive tattoo. If you want something small and inconspicuous—like say a pink heart with a feather on your wrist—then there are artists that will work on commission for very reasonable prices. So make sure you do some research before choosing your artist; also make sure you bring money! There’s nothing worse than taking time out of your day to meet with an artist only to find out he doesn’t take credit cards!

Badass sleeve tats

In recent years, tattoos have taken on a new kind of cool–and we’re not just talking tribal armbands and flowery script anymore. From fine line designs to pieces that cover most of your arm, sleeve tattoos are a hot trend in body art. To get one, you’ll need plenty of time (often 10+ hours over multiple days), plenty of patience, and about 40-80 hours of uninterrupted alone time — but it’s worth it. Sleeve tattoos can be incredibly detailed and very intricate so don’t let an artist rush you out at 5 hours when there’s still another full day in front of you. Take your time to find an artist who knows what they’re doing. After all, it is permanent!

Wings & butterfly tattoo designs

Butterflies are extremely versatile and can be depicted in a variety of different styles. Wings and butterflies look great together, so why not combine them? If you want to show your love for wings and butterflies, but don’t have much cash to spend on your tattoo design, consider combining these two designs in one. One cool way to do it is by having your body covered with an array of dots and lines that represent butterfly wings while also incorporating a pair of wings on your back. This is a very cool look, especially if done correctly. Achieving expert execution on something like this takes time and money; not something most college students have plenty of. If you can afford it, though, start looking around as soon as possible!

The top 20 most popular tattoos among men in 2018 (and how to get them)

Tattoos are increasingly popular these days, and more people than ever before are choosing to ink up their bodies. Still, not everyone is sold on tattoos. In fact, there are a lot of people who just can’t get into them. But if you’re a tattoo fanatic and want to decorate your body with ink (or you know someone who does), it’s possible to find high-quality tattoos for super cheap prices. There are tons of talented tattoo artists all over the world, many of whom have day jobs at reputable studios but moonlight as side hustles doing custom designs at home.

Where should you NOT get a tattoo?

Despite its cool-factor, experts say you should think twice before getting inked below your collarbone, where tattoos are usually most visible. The skin there is thinner and more sensitive than other parts of your body; it’s also more prone to a type of scarring called hypertrophic scarring (bigger scars) that can distort tattoo designs over time. That could make even a small tattoo look funky. That’s why we’re big fans of lower back tattoos—the coolest ones always start here!