When it comes to uniqueness in Tattoos for men designs, tattoos with astrology can make a great combination. Particularly those who believe in mythology and stars are more inclined towards the idea of zodiac design tattoos. The basic purpose to ink out a tattoo is to exhibit your personality as usually people choose the designs related to their interests. If someone wants to reveal the traits of his personality and nature that what type of human being he is or what are his thoughts and goals then zodiac tattoos will be the best option to select.

As we all know that each zodiac sign is associated with some specific meaning and the individuals belong to any zodiac sign may also relate themselves with some of those meanings or type of nature. From this perspective, zodiac designs can be a very good option for tattoos. Here we have listed few of the ideas of zodiac tattoos for men.

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RAM – The symbol of Aries, there is few possible ways to ink out the zodiac sign of Aries in stylish way. You may apply a small tattoo of letter ‘V’ or associate it with moon or stars to enhance its visibility. One may also have a tattoo of curled horns of Ram which is likely to show your short temper nature. Otherwise it is also a symbol of leadership and focused minds. A dark colored face of Ram with its prominent horns is also a perfect one.


Taurus is represented by bull, an animal with a fighting spirit. Men can get tattoos on upper arm or thighs with the front facing head of bull as it is a sign of power and strength. Because it is an intricate design so you have a choice to ink out a colorful head or just thin and fine outlines.


‘Twins’, ‘Two-faced’ & ‘Dual nature’ are the most commonly used words which come in mind first with the sign Gemini. Gemini people may apply the tattoo in different manners. A Roman two on the back side of palm either in simple way or incorporate some flowers or particular name in it. For the dual nature or two faces meaning you may also have a snake tattoo with two heads or two women facing each other.


The placement of crab figured tattoo either on your shoulders or towards the ankle will be the most suitable idea. It can also be drawn by having the symbol of zodiac sign in the middle portion of the tattoo encircled by legs which would not exactly the animal but giving the appearance of crab.


As the Leo’s are known for their royalty, passion and leadership properties, their zodiac symbol is the Lion. The front facing tattoo of the Lion’s face tattoos for men with focused eyes, or the roaring lion’s side face or face or paws of lion with scattered lines and dots are multiple methods for having a tattoo of zodiac Leo. This tattoo can be applied on shoulders, thighs, chest or back.


People with logical and systematic approach are the Virgo’s. It can be tattooed with its symbol resemble to letter ‘m’ with a crown of king over it which might looks cool! You may also enclose the symbol in a circle with stars or stones making it prominent as a tattoo.


The balance is the sign of Libra, as they are known for their justifying and peaceful nature. If you are a Libra, you may tattoo the sign of scale with fine lines. But maybe some of you wouldn’t like the idea. So you may add some different designs with it. Like a tree with deep-roots and scale hanging on its sides or an eagle with carrying the scales in its wings.


Scorpio men are very much observant and extremely complicated as well. Their sign ‘the scorpion’ compliment their nature perfectly. Its symbol of ‘m’ with an end of scorpion stinger can be easily tattooed on the back of ear for elegant look. But those who like vibrant appearance may tattoo the scorpion with different water colors.


The front half of human and the back of horse is the most unique symbol related to Sagittarius. If a man wants detailed art work tattoo, he may go with that sign over his chest or arms. For modest look he may also tattoo a bow and arrow on his fore limbs or on his back near the neck area. For making it different you may add a constellation around it.


Capricorn are either hard workers or realistic. Their sign is also somehow peculiar in its way. The upper part is of goat-shape and the lower is of fish-tail like. One may get the tattoo of only front goat-shape with black lines or the complete sign with multiple colors. If you want to be a little bit different, you may tattoo your body with a design of mermaid.


The parallel wavy lines used to represent the Aquarius. If you like a delicate and undecorated tattoo, these simple waves on your wrist or collar bone will be the right choice.


They love to live between fantasy and reality. Two fishes swimming in a direction opposite to each other is a way to represent their nature. This contraindicating fish symbol is a perfect tattoo for Pisces man. Your biceps or chest will be the right place for this tattoo.


The best part of zodiac tattoos is that you may apply them in a variety of ways. Those who prefer detailing in their tattoo designs have an option to ink out the general symbolic picture on their chest, thighs, shoulders or back. There is one more alternative that is to ink out the other pictures or symbols related with your zodiac properties or combination of more than one zodiac signs. Those who like simplicity in tattoos may only apply the astrological letters related to their zodiac sign on wrist, ankles, on the collar bone or on the back side of ear. You may also ink out the names of your zodiac sign on your fingers, feet or neck. For a more delicate design you may choose a constellation surrounded zodiac tattoo of thin lines.